First Post


Still working on the set up process for the new blog.  My intentions are to keep those wonderful fans updated with the newest information on the stories that I am currently working on.

For starters, I plan to upload a few more chapters to the Smashwords website tonight that will put me over the 50k winners mark for the 2012 NaNoWriMo challenge this month.  I actually achieved my goal on November 25th, and promptly took a much needed break.

“After” is still very much a work in progress, and I’ve only been able to spare one very quick editing session on the project, so you’re barely getting a little more than the 1st draft.  My aim was to remove any horribly glaring mistakes, and I’m saving the final edit for once I have finished the book.

I will be working feverishly through the month of December to finish getting my words down on paper.  The story is now firmly in my head, I’ve just got to get through writing it all out now!  I expect to be finished, or at least close to finished, with Book One by New Years, and will use January to edit.  Plans are to have the finished revision, all sparkly and ready for consumption, in February 2013.

Please check back here every now and then for more updates!  And as always, feedback is welcome.

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