What Didn’t Happen

So, the optimistic plans that I made at 8:05 am this past Saturday morning failed to come to fruition.  Instead, my exuberant feelings for completing the epic finish of Part 2 of After turned into a stuffy nose, sore throat, and just a general feeling of craptasticness all over my body.

And at 9 pm tonight, I am still not on the upswing yet.

I suffered through the dreaded ‘day job’ today, but over the past three days have manged to only get a little over 800 words down.  It’s been disappointing to say the least.  I just haven’t felt like tolerating that blank white screen staring at me expectantly, waiting for me to get my mind in gear and the ‘creative juices’ flowing.    Instead all I got was sinus drainage and a headache.  I guess SOME juices were flowing, just not the right ones.  Yeah, I’ll give you a second to marinate on that image.

Kleenex anyone?

I was, however, able to at least fill my time with something productive.  I was able to get caught up on most of the TV shows that I had fallen behind on during NaNoWriMo.  So that means my wonderful husband had to suffer through episode after episode of Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, and Glee.  (Don’t judge my guilty pleasures.)

Thank you for tolerating my emotionally stunted fifteen year old mind, Husband.  At least you can be assured I will always laugh at every “That’s What She Said” joke.

Also on a positive note, sometimes the story-line and characters benefit from a little time dancing around in the ol’ noggin, but that also means Chapter 10 and 11 will be facing a little bit (huge bit) of an overhaul.  I’ll catch that on the edit.

So I’m sure I’ll have the energy to pound this out soon.  I just need a little recovery time.

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