An Unnamed Trilogy

I am very happy to report 2 very exciting things.

First, I had LASIK eye surgery last Saturday, and things are now WONDERFUL! I have suffered from severe myopia for most of my life, and to be able to wake up and see is absolutely amazing.

However, this did slow down my writing for a couple days, hopefully understandably so. I do believe I have found a way to catch up though. I have a trial of a voice-to-text program that allowed me to get 3000 words down on Sunday night in about an hour. It’s incredible! I’m not sure how well this is going to help, because I spent all day yesterday editing those 3000 words, but hey, it’s something!

My second bit of exciting news it that my “Unnamed Trilogy” now has a name. After months of scribbled on napkins, deliberation, and drawing names from the proverbial hat, I am very, very happy to unveil the name of my very first trilogy as; (drumroll please!)

The Phoenix Curse

I really do hope you found that as exciting as I did. There is just a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction once things are decided upon and finalized. It’s just one thing less to worry about, and now I can focus on finishing these last few chapters.
Ali needs me now, so expect another update soon. 

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