A New Journey

I feel very honored to be writing this little introduction, not to mention, extremely proud.

My daughter has finished a short story that will debut on WattPad by the end of this week. I am in full fledged editing mode, so I’ve moved her story to the top of the After pile. I apologize for the delay this will cause, but I can’t say that I’m feeling that sorry!

See, I made this deal with her. Whatever she would write and finish, I would edit. Last night she sat down, and in an hour and 1/2, she wrote a short story from start to finish. It came in at just a little over 2200 words, and she typed every bit of it by hunt and peck. I was very impressed!

I hope she never loses that spark, and I will do what I can to fan those flames.

I am so very very proud of her.

Aside from that tangent, here’s my thoughts on my editing of After thus far. I have to say that this is very easy and extremely hard, all at once! I’m taking my time, and my husband is proof-reading everything to catch the little things I STILL manage to miss. I will say I am happy with what I already have finished and in the ~DONE~ pile.

Part 1 will be getting a few scenes added in to flesh out the world a bit more, so I’ve decided to post that on Smashwords once I’ve finished the editing process. If you’ve been following along with me, I recommend a reread once it’s up. There will be quite a few changes from the first draft that’s available now!

To make sure I don’t lose the connection I have with my characters, I have dedicated one night a week to working on book 2, Dreamland. I have come so far in my ideas from where I first started, it amazes me. I am looking forward to really digging in and writing about what life is like in this new post-apocalyptic world.

So that’s my little weekly update. This editing thing just doesn’t seem to have as many breakout WOW moments to post about… At least not yet. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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