For Boston

I hate the tragedies and I hate the pain. I hate the fact that these bombs in Boston won’t be the last senseless attack we’ll see and be forced to experience.

How one person, or a small group of people, can have such a huge impact on so many people by committing such a terrible act leads us all down the path to wonder why?

The ‘whys’ might matter later, they might not. The fact remains that there are wounds here now that will never heal, and those that live through this have had their lives changed forever. Whether they crumple into maddening sorrow, or have the strength to carry on, their lives will never be the same.

To those out there that have been injured, lost loved ones, lost their own lives, you have my tears. I can think of no words that could come from a stranger that would bring you comfort, but every part of me wishes I could send you what strength I have as I sit here and stare at the news reports so far away. You have, in a word, my condolences. I know that’s not enough.

And to those of you that rushed into the chaos, the ones that helped the injured, the ones offering rides, and even opening your homes to strangers. Even the ones helping coordinate things online to open another avenue to find help, or even locate loved ones.

Thank you.

You are truly heroes. Its this show of humanity from hundreds of people on this dark day that overshadows the act of one psychopath. This is how we know these assholes, try as they might, can’t win. The humanity we share still manages to shine through.

Never lose site of that.

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