Good Day

First off, I’m testing this new email feature. I may have to go back and edit the formatting to clean it up some, but thought it might come in handy if I ever had a few spare moments to blog when I was at an internet accessible computer that for some reason has Blogger blocked. I couldn’t think of where that place might be, though. ~innocent smile~

So, you may have noticed, these past few days, I’ve been making some adjustments to the interface here. I like the new logo at the top, but still not sure what else I want to do. I guess the old adage, keep it simple stupid, does just fine.
I am also really happy with the amount of editing I’ve been able to get done. I did get the first part of Chapter 1 rewritten, and blended in now. If I could edit like this every day, I’d be done in no time! Unfortunately  I don’t see that happening, though. We will always have good days and bad days. Editing is no exception.
I really miss reading. I normally read quite a bit, and have actually read a few books over this past year, despite writing a whole novel. I have stayed away from picking up a new book though, because I know as soon as I do, I will get all obsessive compulsive with it and won’t get anything else done until I finish the book.
But I really want to read something!! 
So, to compensate some, I bought a book full of short stories in the horror genre. It’s called Tales From The Mist. I read the first story while waiting at my Dr’s appointment yesterday. It was okay. I’ll update my Shelfari with a full review once I’m done reading. It had some pretty decent reviews, so I’m hoping this will quench my thirst, so to speak.

I will update again soon!

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