Welcome to Summer!

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer planned! I just hope we aren’t looking at TOO many 100+ days here in North Texas. It can get hot, hot, hot down here!

The rewrites on After – Part Two are coming along nicely. I’m focusing on getting the Amarillo chapters done by this week so my hereos can move on to Boulder City. Amarillo was a last minute idea, and I HATE last minute ideas. This is where plot holes and continuity errors live. I really have to let an idea float around in my head for a while, give me time to really get it formulated and solid before it goes down on paper. I started Amarillo on faith that something would come to me over time and eventually it did, but it took too long! I was starting to get worried.

During that time while I was waiting on Amarillo, I jotted down a short story which I’m now working on the finishing touches to get it into a paranormal/horror anthology. This is exciting! I’ll keep everyone updated on that as well as this new project progresses.

On the reading front, I have a sad story. I picked up the next book on my to read list, read the 100 pages that I normally do and was irritated the entire time. I just couldn’t finish it. I hardly ever abandon a book but I was having a terrible time getting into this one. The book had some pretty decent reviews, but I guess it just wasn’t for me. There are WAY too many books out there for me to read, I just don’t have the time to dedicate to something I’m struggling with.

I joined a book club, so I’ll be reading Ready Player One next week. This one looks pretty good!

Vacation starts next Friday, so I can’t wait! I’ll try to get a quick update in before we head off to the beach.

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