Resurgence, by Johi Jenkins

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope everyone’s week has started off well.

I have two books I need to review. Ready Player One that I finished a few weeks ago and Resurgence that I just finished yesterday. I decided to go with what was fresh in my brain (I’m sure the post title gave that away) and I’ll catch Ready Player One next week.

So, on to the good stuff.

Resurgence, by Johi Jenkins

Resurgence is the first novel by Johi Jenkins and right up my alley for my monthly indie-book pick. First off, it was not what I expected at all when I first cracked open the ole’ kindle. Perhaps it was the cover that had me thinking of something more seraphic but that’s my own fault. I am a total sucker for angel books but we’ll break into that some other time.

I guess I should start off by saying how I felt when I read the final words. The book kinda blew my mind.

I’m normal not very indulgent in the romance genre so this was a very nice change of pace. The epic love shared between Brielle and James was wonderful to read about. The connection they have with each other is very strong (that’s putting it mildly) and pretty much leaves the reader basking in the glow of their love.

But is it just a love story? No, and this is where the 5 stars come in. I’ve never come across a book with this type of premise before and I found it very intriguing and engaging. As you know from my previous reviews, I generally don’t like stories surrounding time travel due to all the plot holes, but the time travel concept in this book was an amazing theory and I enjoyed reading about it as the mystery surrounding it unfolded. The reveal at the end was simply beautiful.

Supernatural powers manifested throughout the book and the reader gets to see through the eyes of Brielle as she first figures out she has abilities, then how she deals with it as she is able to control them as they get stronger.

I thought the side characters were well written and very defined, and the main plot came around full circle to be resolved nicely at the end. I would definitely like to see a second book set in this world because I just wasn’t ready to let it go.

So if you love a good romance to go along with your paranormal fix, I recommend giving this book a shot. As of this review, Johi currently has it on sale for $.99. Well worth it.

Johi Jenkins has her own blog. You can find her here.

**From information on Johi’s blog, she will be revealing a new cover for Resurgence soon. This post will be updated at that time.

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