A New Version

Sheesh, is it Thursday again already? Time is just flying by.

This week has been very productive on all fronts. I got in some much needed edits for After – Part One and they should be available now on Amazon and Smashwords. If you downloaded from Nook or Sony, it may take a little longer for the updated version to be sent out from Smashwords but there really aren’t a lot of changes. Mostly just typos and grammatical errors…

Oh, and that one HUGE continuity error… Sometimes it sucks writing in the present when the future scenes are still wispy ghosts not quite fully formed in your head. I hate the fact that it slipped by. It wasn’t an error during the first writing but things do change.

If anyone would like to read it, just update to the new version. I believe both Amazon and Smashwords have this functionality but I can’t speak for Nook or Sony. I did briefly consider posting the text here but decided against it. Spoilers, ya know? It’s in Chapter 5, Scene 1. If you don’t want to update and wade through all the chapters, you can always drop me an email at drjpublishing@gmail.com and I’d be happy to send you the single scene. It really isn’t that big of a deal but it does effect a scene I’m currently writing in Dreamland.

I guess that’s my big news for the week. I have submitted the deleted chapter to my beta reader (that’s just a fancy title for my darling husband) for final edits. Expect that to go live on my blog on August 15th. The Prologue and real Chapter 1 are also ready for the final edits but I’m holding on to those until I have a bit more to go with it.

I also finished up my Facebook timeline artwork yesterday and I have to say I am very pleased as to how it turned out. Feel free to hop on over and take a gander. Oh, and toss me a ‘like’ if you haven’t yet. I sure appreciate it.

What… to blatant? I know, I’m shameless. 🙂


I’m still exhausted from the rush of last week and trying to cram everything into what few hours I have to myself. I can’t wait to relax! Everyone have a safe and happy weekend and I’ll be back on Tuesday with another review!

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