Ready Player One – By Ernest Cline

Yay! Happy Tuesday! So glad to be back and ready to write. Once again I apologize for how brief my last update was, so I am hoping that this makes up for it.

I do want to mention again how I rate my reviews. I really don’t care about the occasional typos or grammatical errors every now and then. We all have them, so that is no reason to knock a star off a rating. If the errors are every other sentence, then it might be a problem but, otherwise, I tend to overlook those.

Also, if I choose to read a book outside my typical genre, I’m not going to knock a book because a horror was too horrific, or a romance was too heavy on the romance. That’s not being fair to the author. It seems that this should go without saying but I still see this very thing happening in reviews quite often. I don’t understand why people do this. Just seems so silly and only hurts the author.

Ready Player One
By Ernest Cline

Now on to the review!

I actually read Ready Player One last month, or… June. I forgot it’s already August. I just lost so much time last month due to vacation, Tradeshow, and getting sick. It was a crazy July. I’m glad things look to be getting back to normal.

Again, the review.

When I first started reading Ready Player One, I was so sure that it was going to get a 5 star rating from me. The book started off excellent, had an excellent premise, was written from a gamer’s perspective for a gamer, was full of wonderful 80’s references and I absolutely loved it.

However, it wasn’t without it’s flaws and I ended up only giving the book 4 stars. The issue that I struggled with was the massive information dumps. There were parts where the pace of the book was slowed down to a crawl while we got some 80s history, but I was really craving some action by that point.

Aside from that, it was wonderful. The book is set in a dystopia world where people plug in to a virtual reality called the OASIS on a daily basis to work, go to school and, of course, have fun. The main character gets involved in the game of a lifetime that’s centered around finding the Easter egg of all Easter eggs. It was a great ride.

I was not aware of this when I was reading the book but there are Easter eggs within the book for the reader to find. I didn’t even pick up on them. I do know that Will Wheaton voiced the audio book and I’m seriously considering buying it from Audible. Maybe I can catch some of those Easter eggs while I listen.

So there is the review that I’ve needed to write for a while. The next one will probably be on The Companions since that released today and I’m going to battle my reading addition just to get my word count in.

Ahh, it’s so good to be back!

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