Unavoidable Problems

I’m sure that you’ve already noticed, but I had no Tuesday post. I apologize for this, really I do, as I had something planned, but I found I just couldn’t write it. I have two reasons for this.
1: I was originally planning to write a review. This review was going to be on The Companions, R.A.Salvatore’s latest Drizzt novel. I finished this book on Sunday and have suffered from book hangover ever since then. I have attempted to wash this away by starting another book that I was quickly bored by, so I started yet another book and discovered that the books weren’t the issue. I just couldn’t manage to pull myself out of the land of Faerûn. I need more Drizzt! (I realize I might have a problem.)
2: The second reason I was not able to write a post for Tuesday just so happens to be a bit more serious and a lot less fun. I have somehow managed to injure my right wrist. I’m not exactly sure what happened, either. Sunday was going along well, normal activities, nothing out of the ordinary, but by Sunday afternoon my wrist was killing me. Yes, it feels like nerve damage. I am worried this might be the onset of some form of carpal tunnel. See what I get when everything is going so well?
Not to worry though. I am already attempting to schedule an appointment with the neurologist but, as my husband found out with his issues, it could take several weeks before I’m able to be seen. So, I am coping.
I have made the decision to restrict the use of my right hand and keep activity to a minimum to assist in the healing process. That means no heavy lifting, no mouse clicks and, worst of all, no typing. Now, as you can imagine, I type quite a bit. I’ve been typing thousands of words a day for years. I really doubt that the typing is what caused this. Rather, the culprit is probably the mouse and poor sleeping habits. More often than not, I’ve started to wake up with a sore wrist and tingling fingers, verging on numbness. So, I bought a brace.
I have definitely improved since Sunday and feel like I could get right back to typing, but I really want to make sure my wrist has time to heal.
But, Debra, your typing this long blog post!!!
No, I’m not. This post has been brought to you by Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I actually love Dragon and use it quite a bit for my first drafts. So why not blogs? It does seem to be working well but I haven’t gone back to check for typos, and sometimes weird stuff just happens. Hopefully you catch my meaning though.
So, before I get to the good stuff, has anyone else out there suffered from carpal tunnel? Just curious about everyone else’s experiences.
Now the exciting news that I told you about last week. Well, at least I hope you find this exciting.
I have two first edition After – Part One paperbacks that I am going to give away through Goodreads. Signups for the giveaway will run through the month of September. Now, these are collector editions since they will never be printed again, so they’re special! Along with the books, the winners will receive a Phoenix Curse pen and a Phoenix Curse key-chain. Exciting, right? I really hope so!
I will be sure to post the signup link here and on Facebook when it goes live on Sunday.
Looking forward to the extra long weekend!

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