~back to edit~
Sorry about that tragedy of a post from my phone! I just couldn’t let it lie. I had to come back and poke some life back into it.
So yes, I’ve had a few setbacks lately. Do I need to post a list? You don’t really want to hear it.
I did lose access to my files yesterday so wasn’t able to edit much at all. That was just one day, so I’ll make up for that today. I’ve already got a good chunk done and will get right back to it as soon as I’ve got this posted.
Here’s the other setback. It’s such a sad story. So ya see, I print each chapter out for hubby to beta, and the last chapter I printed has been edited and ready for me to get the updates done. It’s been sitting on my desk for a few days now, patiently waiting for my attention. Then… (DUN DUN DUN) Earlier today, it may have gotten a sippy cup spilled on it. 😦
The edits are still legible, so no problem there. I just won’t be able to save this in my folder with everything I printed from After – Part One and After – Part Two. See? I told you it was a sad story.
How about a wrist update? I did see the Doc on Wednesday and, yes, it’s carpal tunnel. Surprise, surprise. I will be scheduled for surgery soon, but I think I’m going to put it off long enough to get After – Part Two out there. I’m so close to being done and able to type again… I can’t let a little thing like nerve damage keep me down!
If you haven’t yet, make sure you head on over to Goodreads and sign up for the giveaway. The book is just a collectors edition, but the pen is AWESOME! I handed a few out to some friends for us to test out and it works really well. Anyway, here’s the link. No obligation, just fill out the form quick and sign up. Enter to win!
Okay, I feel a bit better about this post. Going straight back to the edits!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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