A List of Winners!

I am sorry I didn’t get around to listing the winners earlier. I had two giveaways going on at the same time, and both ending while I was traveling! What timing!

First, I’ll list the Off the Beaten Path winners. This was the bigger give away. A special shout-out to Angela Roquet for orchestrating this all!

Grand Prize winner of bound book $10 Amazon card: Felicia T.
Triple winners of 2 $5 Amazon cards and Off the Beaten Path ebook: Tanya J. and Amy H.
Double winners of $5 Amazon card and Off the Beaten Path ebook: Teresa E.
Winners of Off the Beaten Path ebook: Tiffany M., Seth C., Kirsty E., and Tiffany K.
Winners of $5 Amazon card: Clare T., Jackie B., and Rose W.

And the two winners of the first edition paperback of After – Part One, which included a rockin’ The Phoenix Curse pen (and not so rockin’ key-chain) are…

Elizabeth C. and Nate A.

Thanks everyone for signing up, and for those of you who won, I hope you enjoy all the gifts!

Congratulations all!!!

Now, I’ve been hush hush about what’s been going on with After – Part Two, but I think it’s finally time to get some information out there.

I did push the release date back a bit. One of the reasons was due to the work-on and release of Off the Beaten Path. I really loved working on this anthology with all these very talented authors that helped bring this project together. When the opportunity presented itself, I just couldn’t let it pass by, and I’m so glad I made the decision I did.

Second, the more worrisome problems arose and forced me to delay the release. The dreaded carpel tunnel. The bane of writers and gamers alike. Even though I’ve had one cortisone treatment, it’s wearing off and I’m eagerly awaiting the next. The pain fluctuates from day to day and I wince any time I think about clicking the mouse. Typing doesn’t effect me nearly as much, although once it’s aggravated, anything hurts. I am still working through it to make sure I make my release date this month.

So… I found out there are five little words a writer should never say. “The rewrites are all done!” Ehehe… sorry. There’s a minor change in Chapter 5 that warranted a scene rewrite that I started TODAY and plan to finish… wait for it… TODAY. No delay, right?

But I am taking off next Thursday and Friday to finish up with the polishing. That will leave just the formatting for Amazon, and the paperback from Createspace will come a little later. I haven’t even started on the cover yet. Ugh…

My target date to release After – Part Two is..

DA DA DA…. (That’s supposed to be a drum-roll.)

October 29th!!

List price will be $2.99 in the U.S.
Any updates, changes, or (heaven forbid) delays will be posted. I really don’t want to let you guys down! Thanks for hanging in there!

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