Recovery and Nano

So, I made it through! WooHoo! I’m not exactly loving this, though.

Last Thursday, I had my carpal tunnel surgery. So far, other than I can’t really used my right hand for much of anything yet, the hand hasn’t bothered me. I did not have the best reaction to the anesthesia though. Ending up sleeping the rest of the day when I wasn’t throwing up. Worst. Halloween. Ever.

But I’m a trooper. I still got up on Friday and went to work AND made it through the whole day. I didn’t accomplish a whole lot, I will admit, but it was my last day at my old job anyway and I was just tying up some loose ends.

That was the first day of NaNo, and that night I busted out the old microphone and loaded up Dragon and got to work. I still haven’t been able to pull ahead yet, but at least I’m keeping up. I will have the next two days all to myself, and I’m hoping I can really lay some tracks down. As I’ve fleeting mentioned in some of my past posts, we are selling our house. It went up on the market on Thursday (what a day!) and we’ve already got offers, so keep you fingers crossed! We might be moving soon.

That will cut into a lot of Nano time, but I’m a fighter. Not gonna let that stop me! The book is still set in the TPC world, so I’m eager to keep writing.

Also, I AM typing this right now. Amazing, huh?? I would post a pic of the incision, but it’s pretty gruesome. When I took the bandage off, I was not mentally prepared to deal with the wound. Ugh, so creepy. Looked like a shriveled zombie hand. The stitches don’t come out till the 14th, so the next couple weeks are going to be interesting. Hell, this whole month is going to be interesting.

LASTLY for today… If you missed it, After – Part Two is now available on Amazon. Help me spread the word! I am so thrilled!

I should be back to my regular posting schedule this week. Sorry I got off track for a bit there. 🙂

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