Oh my goodness, the stitches came out today! Now, for those of you that have ever had stitches before, this may not be a surprise. For me, however, when the Doc pulled them and I saw my skin open up and the… whatever beneath, I shoved my hand at him and told him to PUT THEM BACK IN!

I was just so not prepared for this whole ordeal. Not that I regret doing it, though. I’m glad I did and I’m nearly back to 100%. Typing, mouse clicks, lifting some things, but don’t ask me to turn a door knob. For some reason, that motion still gets me.

Even though the pain has slowed me down a little, I’ve still managed to stay ahead of the game for NaNo, although not by much. Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to my current trend for the rest of the month. 50k words added to The Phoenix Curse isn’t bad! Keep in mind, my precious super fans, I’m already done with the first draft for After – Part Three! Rewrites are difficult though, but I’ll be diving right into it once NaNo is finished.

Also, After – Part Three will have something very special that the first two releases lacked… an Editor!! That’s right! I’m in the market for one right now, and both part one and part two will be worked over. The release of part two has pulled in enough extra income for me to be able to finally indulge in this important step of becoming a real author. Sooooo excited about this!

So that’s my very fun news for the week! Remember, After – Part Two is finally available, and if you’re just hopping on board, After – Part One is available for free!!

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