Looking back

So, the sale on the house closes tomorrow and we turn over the keys to the new buyer. (Also, this just so happened to be the same day the lease house became ready so we have ONE day to move, but that’s another story.)

I’ve been so busy with getting things ready and the rush of it all happening so fast that all I’ve been doing is looking forward. I’m VERY excited to be making this leap as my husband and I begin our preparation for buying the house that we want to spend the next 20+ years in.

Today it finally hit me that I only have a very short time left in the house that’s been my home for the past 5+ years. I’m just really not sure what to feel right now, but I know part of me doesn’t want to let it go.

We aren’t moving because we don’t like the house. I actually love it, and I’ve spent these past few years making it mine. It fit perfectly for a little bit, but the family is growing. Yes, it’s a small house, but that’s not the bad thing about it. It’s the location. Unfortunately, we just aren’t in the best school district for little boy and we want to make sure we give him the best start that we possibly can… So, we move.

But I’d like to take the time to look back, just for a little bit. I’ll never forget the day I got the call we’d closed on the house. It was May 3rd, 2008. Jesse’s and my wedding day.

Jesse and I got married in our apartment. I didn’t want a big white wedding, just something small and intimate that only close family and friends could attend. I spent the morning hiding in the bedroom while Jesse and his brother arranged all the furniture into isles, so I didn’t see the work they’d done until it was time. I didn’t even get to see the preacher that morning until I walked out.

So there I was, anxiously waiting for the bridal march to start playing while my daughter stood ready to escort me out to my husband-to-be… and my phone rang.

I didn’t answer it of course, but after we said our vows and danced barefoot to The One by Gary Allan, I found time to check my voice mail.

It was the Realtor, letting us know we had closed on the house and where we could go pick up the keys. After our little reception dinner, the whole family drove over to our new house, still in wedding attire. It was magical and one of the best days of my life.

So I’m truly sad to see it go, especially now that we’ve been unearthing all these memories while we’ve been digging out the closets and packing it all away. I still remember how weird it felt to sleep there that first night, and now tonight will be our last night there.

But, in the end, it’s just a house and my home will always be with Jesse, wherever we are.  My life isn’t perfect. Anyone who says that theirs is is lying. But I will say this. My life is everything I wanted, and much more than I expected. I can’t say if there is or isn’t a God out there somewhere, but I do feel truly blessed and, although I don’t say it enough, I cherish it all.
Now that I got all that out, I only have one thing left to say… Goodbye, House. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. I will miss you.

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