So Many Things

Can I breathe yet?


November was nothing but a blur. The publishing of After – Part Two, the surgery, the new job, selling the old house, moving into the new, Thanksgiving and NANO! It was all just too much. I’m surprised I didn’t pass out from exhaustion at some point.

But now NaNoWriMo is behind us for another year! All of us wrimos have a fresh pile of jumbled words that we get to shake and wring out to see what will become of it. My regret was that I didn’t get to participate in the NaNo festivities AT ALL this year. Pretty much if it wasn’t house, job, or sleep related, I was typing (or, at times, speaking). It’s the only way I could make it happen.

This year, I finished on the.. 28th? I can’t even remember. Like I said, blur… but I know for the past couple of days I’ve taken the time to relax. Played some games with the family, watched some shows, and just let my brain dissolve into mush. Actually, I don’t think I had much control over that last action. My brain pretty much checked out on me on its own. Like, I’m having one of those pull up to a stop-sign and sit there while waiting for the light to turn green kinda days.

So, what now?

Well, I have a few goodies to reveal. I think I’ve already mentioned this but I’ll say it again. I have an editor! Not sure how excited everyone else is about it, but I am totally ecstatic. The really good news is that she’s already finished with the part two edits, and you can expect them to be live on Amazon by this weekend. If you’ve already purchased the book, that’s okay. I’ll be requesting a push from Amazon to update all the other downloads, but I have been warned that it may take up to a month for this to actually go through.

Now that I have my professionally edited manuscript, formatting will begin on the paperback this week. I am hoping that I can have this available so that orders can make it to their destination by Christmas. Don’t you know someone who would just love a paperback of After – Part Two as a stocking stuffer? *cheesy grin*

One last thing before I vamoose. If the editing news wasn’t exciting enough, then hopefully this will leave you bouncing with anticipation. After – Part Three has now been compiled and is begging for the rewrites to get underway. You may have noticed the availability date being pushed out to the Spring of 2014. Remember, that is a tentative date, and I am going to do my best to get the third installment of After to you before then!

Toodles everyone! I’ll be back to my regular schedule soon!

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