The paperback has released!


Get the paperback today!

Just in time! After – Part Two has been released in paperback. I just got my proof yesterday and approved it for the masses. I ordered mine in the matte finish, and have to say I didn’t much care for it. Going back to the good ol’ glossy and I have a few on order for Christmas gifts. Crazy good news, right?

I did opt in for the matchbook program for part two, but was informed it would take 2 to 5 days for it to link up, so for those of you who already purchased the ebook and was waiting to get an awesome deal on the paperback, sorry. Just a few more days to wait on that.

After – Part Three is going to be… fun… So much has changed since I wrote the first draft so I’m having to correct time lines and other fun things.

Did you know Ali had a bow at one point during the creative process? She never used it (Katniss she is not) and she only carried it around with her to for kicks. Freaks don’t care much for fashion, so the whole idea got kicked to the curb. Let’s face it, we are ALL better off that way.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! I still have some shopping to do. What the heck was I thinking playing reddit Secret Santa? I have no idea what to buy a complete stranger that lives halfway across the country. 😦

Idea’s anyone?

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