Post Christmas Post

Ahahaha, I crack myself up.

Maybe this is a little too true.

But I know, I know. If you actually made it past the goofy title and are now reading my post, you deserve a prize. Unfortunately, all I have left are free digital copies of After – Part One.

Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll stop and get on with the news. Luckily for me, I actually have news to share!

First off, I now have my edited manuscript of part one, just emailed back to me earlier this week. Now it’s time to reformat the eBook, reformat the paperback, redo the paperback cover, then get everything uploaded. Good times! It’s a lot of checking and double checking, but at least the eBook should be uploaded by next weekend. No promises on the paperback. I still have issues when I start fooling around with the cover. It’s not exactly cake for me right now, I just need a little more practice.

That being said, the preliminary ideas for the After – Part Three cover art are beginning to form! Green is the theme this time around. I’ll be saving the reveal for this one until I send the manuscript off to the editor.

Not to get your hopes up too early just yet. The rewrites for After – Part Three are coming right along, but it’s still way to early in the process for me to have an idea of when it will be published. I’m still shooting for ‘before spring.’

Okay, one more productive day of the week, then I’m going to enjoy the weekend. Maybe finish up my Minecraft storage room, among other creative things I should be doing… 😉

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