Happy Mother’s Day!

Long time, no blog. Am I right?

Sorry about that. I’ve been updated on Facebook more and more lately, which isn’t to say that much, but that’s where my posts have been. If you haven’t followed me there yet, here’s the link. There is also a Phoenix Curse facebook fan page, but I hardly ever post to that one anymore.

So here’s a brief rundown of the past couple of weeks. My husband and I celebrated our 6th anniversary last weekend, and it was wonderful. We didn’t go anywhere, but we did take a couple days off work just to spend time with each other. One of those days included an hour long full body massage at a day spa…. shortest hour ever!! I definitely recommend doing that if you never have. It is amazing!

That was followed by a stellar week in the editing/rewriting journey, and I plan to match and exceed that this week! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of my first root canal and a crown prep on top of that, so I did not hit my daily goal… imagine that?… but it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. Little ibuprofen afterwards and I was almost back to my normal, charming self.

Here’s a life tip for everyone out there. Don’t eats nuts, I repeat, DO NOT eat nuts the day after you’ve had a root canal. That is a BAD BAD BAD idea! Feel free to pass that on to friends and loved ones out there.


After my wonderful 5+ hours experience at the dentist, I came home to relax a bit. We’ve been living in our new house since the end of February and haven’t take a walk around the neighborhood yet, so I asked my lovely daughter if she wanted to go with me. It was a beautiful weather last night, so we headed out on to find the nearest walking trail. It was just my daughter and the little stinker since my husbands ability to walk has been very limited due to a injury.

We find a trail and are walking through a nice, open area behind some houses. Bunnies are hopping around being bunnies, and it’s just a picturesque day for a walk. Then Arreis (my daughters pen name) says, “I want to show you something,” and she hands me her phone.

This is what plays.

Then she hands me this nifty little green and blue bracelet that she made out of rubber bands. Not gonna lie, I teared up a little bit! It was such a beautiful walk and a memory I will cherish forever. So glad I can share her love and creativity with everyone too!

To all you wonderful mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

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