Bioshock and Editing

I believe I have finally managed to get a good editing process down for myself. Goals are easy when you’re still in the first draft process and you’re just writing words, words, and more words, but it was difficult for me to set goals during the editing. Mostly because I didn’t have a good process. First there are rewrites, then you have the macro-editing, and then you have the micro-editing… All of which I find very daunting tasks. Hell, there are probably more editings in there I should be doing that I don’t know about. Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me!! I don’t wan’t to know about them, or it’s just going to scare me more.
So a couple weeks ago, I was able to work out a goal for myself, and I started to meet it everyday. So I upped that goal last week and I met it EVERYDAY! WOOHOO!! It took a bit of adjusting to create an attainable goal while I juggle work, family, and sleep, but I think I’ve finally done it.
If I try to do to much, I end up over reaching, stressing myself out and then the inevitable crash and burn catches up with me. Once that happens, it’s hard to get started again. Doubts and fears creep in, and other projects dance enticingly at the edges of my mind. Don’t worry though, I am determined to make this work. I’ll get through this one step at a time, one page at a time, one word at a time, until it’s done and I can hit that publish button. Then I will begin the next project and finish it the same way. 
And…. I still don’t have a release date for part three yet… sorry! But we’re getting closer!
So please don’t hate me for taking some time off this weekend. I enjoy playing PC games and grabbed Bioshock Infinite while it was on sale for $10 on Steam. My husband has played it, and it’s one of his favorite games. He was not spoiled to the ending when he finished it, so he had a pretty mind-blowing experience. Me, on the other hand, I tell him back then, “I’m never going to play it. Go ahead and tell me how it ends.”
Oops! I really had no intention of playing the game, and I suck at first person shooters anyway. Why would I think I’d play it? Guess I won’t be having games spoiled for me anymore. But I played it, and I enjoyed it. Of course I had it on EZ mode, but that did not distract from the story. Shame I was spoiled to the ending. Now I’m left to imagine how mind-blowing it could have been.
I guess FPS games aren’t so bad… I still need to finish Mass Effect 3.

After all the edits are done, of course. 🙂

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