Dead Trees – By Eli Constant

My mind is wandering down crazy paths today! I’m so close to finishing the editing for my alter ego’s novella, and all I want to do is write the prologue for Dreamland. I have it all sketched out, and I’m eager to jump in! Maybe I”ll get that started today once I hit my editing goals. Sounds like a plan to me!

So, recently I was gifted the audio book Dead Tress by +Pamela Lorence. She saw my review on That Ghoul Ava, and highly recommended +Eli Constant‘s book. Pamela also does the narration for Dead Trees and it is superb!

Dead Trees was definitely not what I expected from an apocalyptic story. It opens six months after the disintegration of society, although we do get bits and pieces of information that fill in what happen during that time. Most of the book is told in Elise’s POV, but there are a few scenes that aren’t, and I’ll call those guest POV’s because it’s not the norm. This is Elise’s story.

As a mother, I related to Elise on a lot of levels. Not the kick-ass warrior part, but the mommy part. (I’ve already faced the fact that I would be a goner in the first 48 hours of an apocalypse if Buffy or the Winchesters don’t come save me,) Elise is smart and willing to do what it takes to not only protect herself, but her two daughters. Now, as a mother, as soon as I found out she had a toddler in the car, my stress level shot through the roof. There were some very tense scenes that I ended up sitting in my car after the drive home just to listen to them. I had to know what happened!

The monsters in this book, or maybe I should say beasties, were so well done that I actually had nightmares about them. Yay for my over active imagination!

Pamela Lorence did an awesome job bringing Elise to life, and there were a few times I actually teared up while listening. I immediately bought book 2 for my kindle once I finished, which I’ve already started. Let me tell ya, book 2 starts out super creepy. It might take me a little while to get through this one since I have to find the time to read, but maybe I can catch some downtime this weekend. It is the calm before the NaNoWriMo storm.

So there’s my Dead Trees review, and an audible review of a full five stars will accompany it. I may take the rest of the week off blogging while I wrap up the novella. Unless something else exciting comes up, I will catch you guys next week!

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