NaNoWriMo and Black Friday

NaNoWriMo is DONE!! Woohoo!! I finished day before yesterday, and that feeling of accomplishment was just as wonderful as I remembered. I know there are some amazing writers out there that were able to actually finish their manuscript, but I was quite happy to end with my 50k words. I would say I’m only about halfway through the actual story, though.

Day 13!

I know I was quiet through-out November. I was actually really hyped about this year’s NaNo and had a pre-NaNo post all worked up in my head, and then I was struck by a horrible migraine type headache on Halloween. BALLS!! It was horribad. Now, I’ve suffered from migraines all my life, and this was not one, but it was damn close. I’ve been getting these types of headaches a lot recently, but this one topped the charts on suckage. I remember the first one I got was during my first NaNo in 2012. It put me down for a few days then too. (see the chart to the left for historical accuracy.)

It did not occur to me until 2 years later, that the headaches might be caused by my blood pressure medicine. Brain child, I am not. Anyway, I dropped those meds and went to the Doc for something else. As soon as I did, I instantly felt better. The new meds aren’t dragging my energy levels down either, so I feel better than I have in a long while.

Look at that beautiful, smooth climb of words,

So NaNo pretty much went off without a hitch this year. I wrote consistently every day, paced myself well, and finished with an awesome push right at the end. Look at that last push right there at the end! 4000 words in one day! I had just hit one of those scenes that I couldn’t wait to get to, and the story just flowed. It’s funny how some days getting 1000 words down is like squeezing blood from a turnip, and others it’s a flood of thoughts that my furiously typing fingers are just trying to keep up with.

I am really starting to love this story line and my awkward little seraph. I can’t wait to finish it and get it out there, but that will probably be late in 2015 by the time I get to it. Don’t worry. Dreamland will come first.

So, yay!! Maybe this next year I can give Camp NaNo a shot and actually succeed. For now, I’m working on a small project for December and also plan to send some ARCs out of my novella. If anyone is interested in that, just drop me an email at; subject ARC THIEF.

Meanwhile, After – Part Three is ON SALE TODAY for $.99!! This quite possibly could be the last time I’ll be listing it for sale because I’m seriously thinking of pulling it from Amazon KDP Select. It’s just not giving the results I want, and I’d like to open the books back up to other platforms. I guess it did okay in their Kindle Unlimited program, but it’s not pulling the numbers that part two did, so I’m a bit disappointed.

Anyway, tell your friends! Grab it now! Send it as a gift! yada yada ~insert more corny sales pitches here~ (I’m not good at marketing!)

Black Friday Only!

He’s such a cute wittle puppy!

And that’s all I have for now. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, have a safe Black Friday, and hang on to your butts! The holiday’s are in full swing!

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