Corben’s Thirst – By Johi Jenkins

I was recently gifted an ARC of Corben’s Thirst from +Johi Jenkins, and it was absolutely delicious! For those of you that are into The Thirst Within series, you won’t be disappointed with this one.

I don’t think I’m giving anything away by saying this book is about Corben’s past, and how he came to be who and what he is. I can’t express enough how very, very interested I was to learn more about Charlotte, and this novella pretty much answered most of those questions, although the big ones are still hanging out there. As this mostly takes place in the past, there isn’t a lot revealed about the Tori/Charlotte mystery, nor the effect it has on Corben and Thierry

There was, however, quite the twist at the end that left me ready for the next book. I’m not sure if Johi has a publication date ready yet for Corben’s Thirst, but here’s a link to her blog and facebook. Also, here’s her author page for good measure.

And now I’m waiting as patiently as possible for the 2nd installment of Thirst. And Resurgence. I also loved that book.

The next on my list to read is The Lost Centurion, by +Monica La Porta , and my audible is glued to The Way of Kings, by +Brandon Sanderson. Gotta get some variety in there.

As for project list, I’m putting the final touches on Thief, so if anyone wants an ARC, please shoot me an email at (Remember this is romance!) It will be ready before Christmas, and I have a few copies to spread around.

After that, Dreamland. Expect a teaser early next year!

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