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Unofficial year in review, part three!

And to clear up any confusion on my post titles, I’d like to take a look back at what I actually wrote/published last year, as opposed to what I read.
I think the biggest news was my release of Dreamland – Part One that came out last fall, the beginning of the second book in The Phoenix Curse saga, and the fourth installment overall. 
There was a recent giveaway of paperbacks (provided by Lulu) last month, sent out to five lucky winners. I think this particular paperback is beautiful, and I really like the cover better than my ebook cover. I will eventually get the book to print at Createspace and the Lulu paperback will be going away, but until then, you can pick it up from here. I know I have a few fans out there that prefer holding a book over a tablet, and understandably so. A tablet or phone just doesn’t compare to the smell, the feel, the weight of a real book. 
AfterAlso printed last year was the compilation of After: The Complete Book One. Of course, I want to stress again that if you already own all three parts separately there is NO NEW CONTENT in the compilation. It’s just for convenience and for new readers to pick up. After – Part One continues to be free so those new to the series can try it out before they invest any money. I would just like to point out that if you are one of those people that want to continue reading and haven’t purchased yet, buying the complete book one will save you a whole dollar rather than all three parts separate. Neat, huh? If you haven’t guessed by now, there will be a compilation of Dreamland once it’s all said and done, probably with an additional savings in there as well, but that’ll be a while. Probably late 2017, early 2018. 
Now, I do want to point out to the collectors, do not buy the hardback directly from Amazon. They have jacked up the price quite a bit. You can get the same book from Lulu at 30% off, and I mean THE SAME BOOK. If you buy it from Amazon, they’re going to get it from Lulu first, and then ship it to you. I love Amazon, but it is what it is. Buy smart, save some money to spend on more books.
Are you interested in a signed copy? We can work something out. Shoot an email over to and we’ll see what we can come up with.
Now, the flop. DRJ Publishing published a romance novel by Katlynn Rose, Thief, early last year that sold one copy on Amazon. It is, however, free on Smashwords, iBooks, B&N, and several copies have been downloaded across those platforms, but it only has one lonely review. Such a sad story (and I mean the book’s release, not the actual book). It is an indulgent romance (not erotica), and an introduction to a few characters that will evolve into a series once I get around to it. That might be a few years out still since I have so many other things on my plate right now. I do, however, really like the cover.
If you are actually one of the few that read it and enjoyed it, please drop by and leave a review! It needs it! Amazon will also price match to the free cost since it’s available elsewhere on the internet for no mula. This book has not made it to print yet.
Okay, I think that wraps up the publications for last year, so what’s next for 2016?
First up will be Dreamland – Part Two. You can expect the fifth installment to be out in the fall, or at least somewhere close to that. Barring any huge life disruption, I see no reason (this early in the year of course) that I wouldn’t be able to meet this deadline. Excited?!?
My second project is The Walk, a sci-fi, apocalyptic tale of the fall of society due to the widespread loss of electricity. This was my NaNo project for 2015, a story that had been bumping around in my head for a few years. I had no idea where it would take me, but I have written on it solidly since November, 2000 words most days, 50k word target hit in November/December, and I’m still going strong. I plan to finish it up this month, then start on the editing. I have a timeline set out already that I will stick to, shelving the project if it takes me past my start date for Dreamland, so no worries there. 
I may not have The Walk published by the end of the year, but I will have it finished. I haven’t decided if I’m going to indie publish it yet or not. I might hold out to see what might become of it if I explore other avenues. This is extremely scary for me, but a brand new adventure in my writing career!
I think that wraps up this post. Will be back tomorrow with my Warbreaker review!

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