Giveaway Reminder!

Or possibly, first notice… I apologize for that. I was not aware that Networkblog is no more. This was a service I relied on to share my blog posts to my Facebook and Twitter followers. I found a new service that I’m trying out that looks promising. If you were shown the way here from Facebook/Twitter, then it’s working wonderfully.

So, here we go… A current giveaway is underway already for 5 eBook copies of After, the COMPLETE book one of The Phoenix Curse. The winners will be gifted their copy through Amazon.

Already have all three parts separate? Who cares! Sign up to get the complete book for your convenience. (It might actually have less typos in it.) Know a friend who might want to read it? Both of you sign up to increase your chances. The gift code is not specific to your email or Amazon account.

 The giveaway has been running since the 15th, and so far has a very poor turnout. Your odds of winning are pretty damn good if you sign up now. You still have until Friday, BUT it is possible to get an extra entry per day if you tweet about the contest! Since it’s possible we lost a few a days due to my failed promotion of the contest, you can send an email to and I’ll make sure those extra entries get thrown into the hat.

There is one small hurdle to enter. You do have to sign up for rafflecopter as they are hosting the giveway, but don’t worry. It’s quick, free, and they do not spam you. (I won’t spam you either.)

Remember, the object of this giveaway is to get the word out about the book, and get a copy into the hands of someone who hasn’t read it, so sign up and share share share! Visibility is key and if you win, the gift code can go to any one of your choosing.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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