Ello, Loves!

I just wanted to drop by today to leave a really quick note. This summer has been way busier than I expected with vacations, big birthday bashes, and the release of Overwatch and Pokemon Go. Oy, I am NOT going to hit my reading goal this year, I just know it.

Before I get on to my spoilery fangirl gushing, quick update on Dreamland – Part Two status. Things are moving along pretty well. My goal is to finish all my rewrites and beta edits next month, and send the manuscript off to my copy editor. As I said, this summer has been busy, so my editing time has gotten squished down a bit, BUT the time I do have left to dedicate to the rewrites is actually going smoother than anticipated. So, yay!… I think?



Here is a quick rewind of what I’ve been up to since the last post. Game of Thrones. Oh. My. God. I know the hype has died down since the season finale aired, but man… It was epic. I loved loved loved this last season. It was practically flawless (if we ignore No One) and soooo satisfying. That shot of Young Ned holding his nephew and then the switch to Jon… Not gonna lie, but I dropped my head and just cried for a moment. I was so overwhelmed. I had no idea how invested I’ve been in these books and theories until it was all finally served to me from the TV screen. It was a wonderful moment. Also, my money is on Lyanna naming him Jaehaerys, btw! (I’m probably wrong.)

And Cersei… Oh, you go girl! I have never watched someone go so completely batshit crazy in such a fabulous fashion. I am so excited to see how her story line plays out next season. I am really going to miss Margery, though. Her death was very quick and unexpected. I think I’ll miss her the most, even though Hodor hit me the hardest.

Man… That night was brutal.

After my crazed experience of dealing with the GOT void last year when season 5 ended, I was prepared to distract myself this year. I picked a show to binge watch and dove in, fully committed… and watched all five seasons of Fringe in two weeks. Somehow, I knew I would be watching it someday and managed to make it through all this time without any spoilers. I thoroughly enjoyed the watch and got a new shirt to add to my ever growing collection of fan t-shirts!

I'm not crying. You're crying!
It’s my favorite thing. My very favorite thing.

And now… I don’t know what the hell to do with my life.  Le’ sigh…

Guess I’ll have to keep occupying myself with Overwatch until I find a new passion, — Junkrat of course, because I’ve never been able to aim to save my life — and I have found myself spending an exorbitant amount of time in local graveyards lately thanks to Pokemon Go. Still haven’t found a damn Pikachu yet.

The search continues… as does the editing! Happy reading, everyone! Will try not to be too long before another update rolls around. Until then… Cheers, love!

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