Stopping by to leave a quick update and an explanation as to why I’ve been missing for the past 6 or so months.

First off, I’ll apologize for not getting this up here sooner. Even though I have hit a huge stumbling block in this chapter of my life, I’ve had time to get a post up, but it felt like I was opening a can of worms. Regardless, it should have been done, but was not. I am only human, as I’m reminded of far too often.

This stumbling block has forced me to choose how I spend my available time, and that meant having to turn away from my blog and social media presence in favor of working on my books. Even though I can’t always keep to the schedule I set for myself, rest assured that I am still devoting time to my stories.

The Walk will be a three book series. The first draft is finished (for the entire trilogy), and I’m currently working through chapter 71 of the 108 chapter manuscript. This has been an undertaking I gravely underestimated. However, having a completely finished story has made the continuity easier to work with, which is an element I often struggle with in The Phoenix Curse.

And working with Edy and her girls in The Walk has been far less painful than putting the words down on paper that will end Dreamland.

So there is my quick update. I cannot promise that you will see me here more often, but I can promise to try.

Happy reading, folks, and in case you missed it. Dreamland – Part Two is now available in paperback through Amazon.com.

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