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Winner 2017 - Web Banner

NaNoWriMo 2017 is officially over!

AND, I would like to add, officially won!  

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Another month of furious pantsing behind me. I’ve done it before without a plan. I’ve done it before with a plan, and every time somewhere in the middle, I’m wondering what the hell I’m doing. Not sure if I’ll ever figure it out, but at least I was able to find the will to keep going. That’s half the fight, right?

Anyway, the story isn’t exactly finished, so work will continue on this novel, but here is where I ask for help. I posted a link at the beginning of NaNo, announcing that I would be posting a chapter a day on Tablo. I also completed that… somehow… because apparently I wanted to torture myself by working on two books this month. Oy, I might be a little bit insane.

Well, posting this was hard. This book has only been seen by my eyes so far. No editing. No beta-reading. Just words of barely more than a first draft. However, that’s what Tablo asked for, and now I have a chance of getting this in front of a publisher, but I need help. They are looking at books based on ‘hits’ and ‘active read time.’ The book has been doing fairly well, better than I had actually expected, so thank you for those that have signed up for Tablo and favorited the work! I see you, you beautiful people!

What we built they drained away . . .

But I still need more to boost the book into the top percent so it’ll be noticed. If you haven’t already, please check it out, and if you already have an account, please spread the word. Trust me, every little bit helps in a big way! I’ve got my fingers crossed.

So today I’m taking a break. A time to breathe before I dive back into that wonderful sea of stories and words. My goal is another 50k in December to try to finish this up WHILE working on Dreamland – Part Three, and that name may change. I’m looking at rebranding, and TPC will probably be the last books published under my D.R.Johnson pen. Future books will probably be under my extended name instead of just my initials. Deets on that will be posted here, of course, but just a warning of what’s coming!

Until then, happy reading!

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