It’s Time…

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That’s right. Everything that I started working toward on that fateful day in September two years ago has finally come to pass as of midnight last night. No more papers, no more modules, no more discussion posts, and no more fucking replies. It’s done, boys. I’m done. I wasn’t stopped by chronic migraines or fibroids, or a frayed rotator cuff, or even wild dogs and lightning strikes.
It is done.

And today, the story continues.

So where did I leave off? Oh yeah. Chronic migraines and fibroids. So, real quick about these stupid migraines and the medication that allows me to actually function. It’s called topirmate. Side effects may include “mental problems such as confusion, slowed thinking, trouble concentrating or paying attention, nervousness, memory problems, or speech/language problems” (WebMD, 2020). Did I just… ? Yes, I did, but anyway. This means it’s very hard for me to write or spell a coherent sentence. Harder to have a conversation with, but I make it through. I can normally save everything in editing, so let’s keep this dream alive, shall we? Dreamland’s waiting.

My next roadblock hit me sometime in February 2019. This one is interesting because it turned out to be quite painful and debilitating and is still lingering today, yet I have no clue how it happened. I’ve narrowed it down to maybe this being the culprit; apparently I jacked up my right shoulder trying to be She-Ra while carrying in too many groceries at once. I don’t have the power, guys. It didn’t hurt right away, and it was a slow, dull ache that came on over time that just steadily got worse. By April, I begin to notice that I wouldn’t raise my arm straight above my head because it hurt, and after that I favored it more and more, keeping it close to my body so it could ‘heal’. Spoiler alert, this was the wrong thing to do.

I believe it was May when I finally made it in to see a doctor in my general practice. I still had some use of my arm by then, although I couldn’t raise it over my head at that time. My general was too busy to see me, but the doc I did see was great, and she gave me a steroid shot and had an idea that the muscles were ceasing up and inflamed, which was halting the movement. She gave me a few exercises to do that would help get my mobility back. It was working. The family and I had a vacation coming up in June we were really looking forward to, and I was happy that my arm was decently working again. We would leave out May 31st on a road trip to Florida.

June 1st would bring about something that I never thought would happen to us in a million years, and the worst part of my journey. That will be a story for its own post.

Today, though… Today, I write. Without anything holding me back any more, I’m diving in and getting this book ready for you as fast as I can. It’s time.

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