Fuse – Book Two

Here we go! Fuse, book two of The Walk is now live on Amazon in eBook format. I was hoping to have the Barnes & Noble and Apple Books link, but the distribution process was slowed down due to the holidays. I will get those links updated as soon as they are available.

For now, my Amazon readers can get started on the book right away!

I am still waiting for distribution to reach Google Books, but both books should be available by the end of the month (fingers crossed!).

I’m currently working on the formatting of the paperback version of Fuse and should have it finished this week. I will also have to tweak the cover, as it was sized for Fault, and Fuse is a slightly longer book.

Also, as a back burner project, I am working on a hardback edition for each book. This will not be available anywhere to buy except from my own store (which I have yet to launch) and is more a collector item. As you can imagine, this is a low priority at the moment, so if anyone has a particular interest in seeing them right away, please send an email to info@writingroses.com.

Last, we are expecting the audio book for Fuse to be finished around July. Again, very excited about the audiobooks!

This week, I’ll be dedicating most of my time to formatting and getting Fuse into distribution everywhere, but by next week, I should be full swing back into editing of the last and final book of The Walk.

Happy New Year, everyone, and Happy Reading!

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