Fault and Fuse are now live!

Awesome news! Fault and Fuse are now live on all platforms!

Hardcovers available on request! Please email info@writingroses.com for more details.

Project Status

I am currently working on the 3rd draft of the final book in the series. This book is probably bigger than both Fault and Fuse combined, and also the biggest book I’ve ever written. This as been a big undertaking for me as I try to refine my editing process. Right now, my editing process looks something like this…

  • First draft = word vomit.
  • Second draft = Turning the word vomit into legible writing so others don’t think I’m insane.
  • Third draft = Fix all the big story issues (this probably takes the longest).
  • Forth draft = Grammar and sentence structure fixes. Nope. Nevermind. This one definitely takes the longest.
  • Fifth draft = Audio. I either read it out loud or let Microsoft Word’s lovely robotic drone read it to me.
  • Sixth and final is just the polish.

My goal is to finish the 3rd draft by the end of the month and finish the 4th before March. The Audio draft doesn’t take long and is mostly for typos that escaped me… like sever and severe. It happens. Forgive me.

And then I will set the project aside for a week or two while I pull out my very first published novel and dive back into a different apocalyptic world.

The Phoenix Curse

I am very eager to move back into the TPC universe. Part of this republication will mean all the old paperback covers will be taken down and new ISBNs will be assigned. This means new titles, new covers, and my author name will be Debra Rose instead of D.R. Johnson. Since the old covers will be unavailable forever after that, I’ve had quite a few sales on my old paperbacks this month. In fact, the biggest I’ve seen in a long time. I’m really blown away, so thank you to those that have purchased the books that will soon be out of print. I almost feel bad because nothing on the inside will be changing as this is just a cover update, but thank you, nonetheless.

I hope to have the first reprints done and available sometime in March, but this might be a very tight deadline. However, as soon as I have the last book of The Walk finished, I’ll be dedicating all my time to TPC and getting Westgate released as fast as possible.

And then on to my Angels

Until then, Happy Reading!

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