Phase Four

Yesterday, I finished my 3rd edit of the final book of The Walk, and I’ve now moved on to the structural edit. There are still some things I’m not 100% satisfied with towards the end of the book, and I feel those chapters need a few rewrites and additions. The good news is I’m close to keeping my original schedule and hope to have the book ready for the final polish in March.

Ben, the Boss

So yes, although this is good news, I’m in for some serious work in February. This is my least favorite part of the editing process, hunting and nuking pesky adverbs and overused words. It’s mind numbing. Also, I’m always dealing with my boss looking over my shoulder. Here he is, giving me the glare. If only he knew he’s a bigger distraction from my work than he thinks he is. The sooner I get done, the sooner he gets his treats! Now if only I can get him to stop trying to sleep on my keyboard.

On another note, the old mailing list I had before I switched websites is now gone. I never got the chance to make much use of it, as I had just set it up before taking my hiatus. The mailing list for WordPress is so much simpler. Just follow the blog and there’ll be a notification every time I post with news. Easy peasy.

Of course, there’s no spam. You’ll only get email when I post a blog, which is around once a month, maybe more when there’s a new release or big news.

And that is about all for news today. Hopefully, there’ll be dates to share and more project updates come March, but for February, I’ll just be deep in Frequency edits.

Until then, Happy Reading!

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