An Irregular Spring

Spring is here! Along with pollen, allergies, sinus headaches, and bugs. So many bugs. But also comes the vaccinations with the promise that life can get back to normal soon. My husband has already received both his shots of Moderna, and I’ll be getting my second shot of Pfizer tomorrow. This has been a scary time for an asthmatic, and I haven’t really left the house much at all this past year. Can’t wait to watch a movie in a theater again!

Being inside all this time, I’ve watched a lot of shows this past year. The latest one I just finished was The Irregulars on Netflix. I’ll admit that I am far too drawn to supernatural shows, and as a Holmes fan, this show checked all my boxes.

There were some things I enjoyed about the show, and some things that seemed off. Let’s start with the things I enjoyed. Although Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes are in this show, they are not the central characters. Although their storyline does play a big role in the show overall, the kids are the main focal point. I found the relationship between Bea and Leo to be cute, and the friendship/love between Spike and Jessie was endearing. Also, the general take on the Holmes characters differed greatly from anything I’ve seen before, and that was something I appreciated.

Bonus! The actor that played Sherlock, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, voiced Flynn Fairwind. That just so happens to be my favorite character that was introduced in Battle for Azeroth. But who plays World of Warcraft anymore? Anyway…

Moving on to the things that weren’t so great about the show. The main villain was pretty generic and forgettable, which is a shame. Also, the interactions right before the climax of the show got… weird. Viewers had so little time to process the emotional events of that scene, and one of the character’s motivations went completely against everything the series had built for them. It was extremely jarring, and I think my biggest beef with the show.

Overall, I think where the show was the strongest was the character growth and emotional development for the kids, as well as some of the adults. Even the lack of development in some adults was warranted and made sense.

The very end wrapped up all the storylines, and I think this was a good place to end the show. Although nothing was really finalized, leaving room for a second season, there is no need for one.

If you’re a supernatural fan like me, I would not place this on the ‘must watch’ list, but rather somewhere in the middle. Definitely not the worst show I’ve seen, and it delivers enough to keep the viewer entertained.

As I finished the show, my daughter walked into the room and said, “You’re always watching angry British people arguing with each other.”

Ouch, woman. I really felt that.

But what am I doing when I’m not watching angry British men fight? I’m writing. And where am I at with the writing? Drained. Completely drained.

I have finished all the written edits of Frequency, and I’m currently in the middle of the audio edit. I’ve been really pushing myself to make up the time I lost during the freeze, but I can only work so much a day before my brain shuts off and stops responding. I think I listened to a chapter and a half yesterday before I realized my mind was off in la-la land, and I hadn’t heard a single word for fifteen minutes. I shut it down then and made a decision. Monday, I open TPC and take a break from The Walk for a week.

On a high note, while I’m listening, I do a lot of image work to keep my hands busy, and I have finished the cover of Frequency as well as the rework of After. I am very happy with the changes to After, and you will be seeing those real soon, maybe as early as next week as the real rebranding starts.

Now the big, BIG news (that I’m realizing I should have put higher up.)


The book is narrated by the very talented Naomi Rose-Mock and available on Audible. Very exciting! Naomi is currently working on Fuse with the expected release date to be around August. So, if you’ve been waiting to get started with the audiobook, it’s finally here!

Expect to hear news soonish with rebranding updates, and until then, Happy Reading and… listening?

2 thoughts on “An Irregular Spring

  1. Sasha

    I just finished bingeing Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch version) followed by Enola Holmes (Netflix) I definitely love all things Holmes! I haven’t heard of this series but I might give it a try.

    Don’t worry about taking a day off from a project, a little downtime can do wonders in the long run!


    1. I loved, loved Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock! So far, that is my favorite version of Sherlock I’ve seen, although I did find Herny Cavil’s take interesting in Enola Holmes. The Irregulars is very different than both. It isn’t traditional at all, and I know several reviewers had an issue with that. I didn’t mind though and actually enjoyed the alternative story.


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