It’s Here! Frequency is now live!

The final book in The Walk saga is now available!

Paper back coming soon!

Writing this journey for Edie has been a wild ride and a huge learning experience. I explored some different writing techniques that I had never used before, and this was a huge undertaking for me to essentially write a 250k word story all in one POV. It helped with the editing that the story was delivered in three parts, but Frequency still totaled more in word count than Fault and Fuse combined. I am glad I got the editing practice in before I really start digging deep into the next Phoenix Curse book, as I’m assuming that Westgate is going to end up close to the same word count as Frequency.

Speaking of The Phoenix Curse, I am already back at working on what was previously the 2nd part of After. During the republication, it will be renamed to Hotel. I really like how this cover art is turning out, and can’t wait to get it out there as soon as possible. If not by the end of this week, then next.

Well, that’s all for today! Lucifer is still sitting at the number 1 spot on the Netflix Top 10, so we’ll see if that’s what I’ll be reporting on come Friday. Until then, Happy Reading!

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