The Ice Road – A Netflix Original Review

Methane detector malfunctions, explosions, trapped minors, and Liam Neeson doing Liam Neeson things. Now, I don’t know a lot about mining, gas pipes, OR ice roads, but the heavy-handed exposition for the layman was very painful, and it continues through the whole movie. It resulted in the dialogue being very stiff and unnatural, but then again, this isn’t the type of movie you watch for the dialogue.

One of the more ridiculous lines of dialogue that made me laugh out loud was when Liam Neeson says the ice is going to crack for 2, maybe 3000 meters, and some guy throws his hands up in the air to rigidly exclaim, “That’s over a mile!”

Thanks, Guy. Thanks for spoon-feeding us that information. That was probably one of the highlights of the movie for me.

I’m not gonna lie. This movie was really hard to watch, but I will preface that by saying I do not like disaster movies in general. The set up was pretty poor that you could pick out the ‘red shirts’ as soon as they were on screen. The only mystery at that point was how they were going to die. There are some pretty intense scenes in the movie that made me cringe and grit my teeth, so I’ll give them that. Dance, little hula girl, dance.

When a movie doesn’t really absorb me, I start looking at other things that I find interesting. Like, how did they film all this? Why was one shot a Peterbilt and in the next, the same truck is a Kenworth? That aside, they did have some neat shots with the trucks and some beautiful sweeping landscape views. Also, the text effects in the trailer looked pretty nice.

I would say that even for a ‘disaster’ movie, this rates pretty low. At about the midway point, you find out it’s not exactly a disaster movie since the whole thing was sabotage. I don’t feel that’s very spoilery since it’s in the trailer. Despite the attempt at adding some intrigue, there is just nothing saving this movie from the dialogue, and well, let’s face it, bad plot. However, it might actually descend to the point of being so bad it’s good. I got a good few chuckles out of this movie that were definitely not at intended parts. Watch at your own risk.

Oh boy. What a start to a long weekend. I still have my big news, but I think that’s going up in a different post. I’m feeling somewhat drained after this journey.

To my Canadian friends, happy belated Canada Day, and for my American friends, have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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