Yay! It’s vacation time! Getting a short post out there to let everyone know there won’t be a review this week as we’ll have family in town and no time to watch anything. That might be a good thing since I took a peak at the Netflix Top 10 and I’m baffled by what’s on there. For one, Manifest is still in the top slot after 4 weeks, and the first movie taking the number 3 slot is Mother’s Day. Why? This movie came out in 2016, had dismal reviews when it released, and was probably best left forgotten. Also, we’re a full month past Mother’s Day, so why? I think this thing is broken.

Well, after vacation, I will give my review system a rework and will go from there. With Black Widow finally releasing, that is the movie I want to review. I’m a huge MCU nerd and have been waiting for this movie forever. Maybe that’s the review I’ll save for next Friday.

Until then, I’ll leave you guys with the new updated Dreamland cover! I didn’t quite finish the reformatted version before va-cay, but that will be the next thing I’ll be working on!

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