Quick Post!

Long story short, the foundation contractors cut our fiber line this morning. On a Friday. (Insert sad crying face here.)

I am not going to be able to format this well, so here are the updates I can get away with.

We finished The Expanse. I loved it. It wasn’t perfect (things rarely are), but I was certainly invested in the story. I want to write more on this, especially what we found out after watching, so my next post will be very spoiler heavy. Don’t worry, I’ll put up warnings.

Writing has been going well, so I figure I’ll be able to get a lot of that done today, as long as the foundation crew isn’t too loud. We’ll have to see.

Man… This is going to be a long a weekend of reading a writing, because yes, I did start reading The Expanse already. I hope to have more news and a longer post next week! Until then, Happy Reading!

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