Lucifer, the Final Season

Happy Saturday! Sorry about the late post today, but we have been on a short vacation, and setting up a scheduled post completely slipped my mind. So here I am, on a Saturday morning, getting up my review.

In a previous post, Sin and Sinner, I reviewed the current released episodes of Lucifer… or tried to anyway since it is a very long series, and it was hard to know where to start. Now the series is finally at its conclusion, and I feel it will be easier to talk about.

If you’ve made it this far with me, I will say right now, there will be spoilers beyond this point. Let’s go!

I’ll start of with the things that disappointed me about the show. The first is the format once Netflix took over, but I understand why that didn’t need to change. I was hoping that with Netflix at the reigns, the show would become more daring and have a solid arc with fewer episodes. The arc was tightened, but I still feel like we had too much filler. The only daring bits we got were generous shots of Tom Ellis’s ass, and the drop of one F bomb per season. I mean, I know they had to keep the series true to the original format to keep the fanbase happy, but we’re all adults here, right? We can stand to hear a few cussing words here and there. I will say, though, that the use of ‘fuck’ in S5 and S6 was very well placed.

Adults only!

That delivery got a good chuckle out of me, and it brings me to my next rant. Daniel. Poor guy. I’ve loved Kevin Alejandro ever since his True Blood days, so sometimes it hurt to see him always become the butt of the jokes and used as comedy relief. His death at the end of S5 was gut wrenching, but I’m glad he had a bigger story to play in S6 and turns out it was one of the better storylines. His struggles as a ghost, figuring out possession, and then his conversation with Trixie. Oh man… I knew that encounter was coming, but I wasn’t ready for it. The scene was well done, and of course, considering who he was possessing, set the finale up quite well.

And now my final rant. Rory. I really wish they could have found a way to resolve the show with established characters, because Lucifer and Chloe’s time traveling daughter was a stretch for me to accept. It’s a shame, because I really liked Rory and her dynamic with Lucifer, as well as her relationship with Chloe, but only having her for 10 episodes, and as a background character most of the time at that, we didn’t really have a chance to connect with the character. She was simply a plot device to force Lucifer to go back to Hell.

I know I threw some good vibes in with my rants, but one of my favorite episodes was Amenadiel’s first day as a beat cop. Whew, that one hit pretty hard, and was heartbreaking on a different level because it’s real. It addressed the corruption in the police department, and there was no closure on this storyline either, which I found sad but fitting. Situations like this in real life are complicated and can’t be corrected easily. Unfortunately, the good guys don’t always win, and bigots and racists continue to hold their place of power. This was the final straw for Chloe to become reinstated so she could fight against the corruption, which was a direction for her character that I felt was right and was happy with.

Another highlight for me was Ella finally figuring out the celestial presence on her own. I am SO HAPPY they gave her that before the series ended. She always believed, so having her faith in the supernatural be validated was satisfying. Also, her issue and hurt over the betrayal of not being trusted with the big secret felt organic and right in line with the character.

Maze, and Eve by extension, was another big highlight for me, because she’s been one of my favorite characters since episode one. Her growth throughout the series has been great, and I’m so happy where her arc ended. She has accepted that she still has room to grow, and Eve is great for her in that she’s patient, loves her, and is willing to help with that growth.

And then there’s the finale, which I’m split on. Through-out the whole series, Lucifer has made Chloe’s mortal life his top priority, even before he knew/accepted that he loved her. Her mortal life even took precedence over an assured existence in heaven at the end of S5. Originally, I assume it was because he couldn’t be with her since he wasn’t allowed in heaven, but all that changed when he won the angel war and became god, breaking that barrier.

Also, with the original god retiring and Amenadiel taking the throne, the rules change.

When Lucifer figures out his calling in the finale, and Rory tells him he needs to leave to preserve the time loop, she says those years are just a ‘blip’. I think this line is what made him realize he could leave Chloe to live out the rest of her mortal life alone, because once she dies of old age, they’ll have literally eternity together. The ending was not… ideal, but there’s a bigger picture to look at. Regardless of Lucifer being forced to make that promise to Rory and leaving Chloe, it did give us a satisfying ending.

With this ending, now we don’t have to deal with the conundrum of Lucifer staying young while Chloe grows older and older. That probably would have weighed on Chloe at some point. Instead, Lucifer is focused on his work while he waits on his forever to join him. It was a weird way to get there, but I can live with this ending.

Also, some shots from the montage at the end I really enjoyed was the cameo of Tricia Helfer as Charlotte while her and Dan have breakfast, and Dan got his pudding! Another was how Amenadiel stepped off the throne and made the other angels rise after they kneeled to him. Short scene, but pretty much captures Amenadiel’s spirit and the way he’s going to run the Silver City. Ella and Maze both get happy endings, but the best was seeing Charlie’s little wings pop out. So cute!

Although S6 was definitely not my favorite, I was satisfied with all the character endings. I will say, though, I would have totally been in for a spinoff of Amenadiel learning how to become a beat cop and dealing with a ghost Dan trying to give him pointers. Another highlight of the season for me.


Lucifer, it was a great run. Thank you for all the wonderful moments of laughter and tears. You’re one of my favorites, and I’ll see you again on the rewatch.

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