Wheel of Time – Episode 4 – The Dragon Reborn

Episode 4, the Dragon Reborn, is my favorite episode so far. I know that’s not saying much since we only have four to choose from, but there is so much packed into this episode. We get what seem like off-hand comments that are actually key pieces of lore for the world. A closer look at the different Ajahs, and things happen that I didn’t expect to happen for a long time. It was stunning. I was stunned. Absolutely loved it.

Warning: this is going to be a long post.

Before we get into the show, we only have one bonus short to go over, but it’s a big one. It’s another origin story titled Saidin, Saidar, Stone. This is the first mention that we get of the names of the One Power, and I know it’s been a question on a lot of book fans minds if this was going to be used or not. Although we do get confirmation in the episode (kinda), we don’t actually get the names of the two halves of the One Power. At least we have this information here. We also get a brief mention of the builders, the Ogier, but I believe more is coming on that later so I will leave that topic alone.

In the short, we once again see the Aes Sedai instructor as she teaches us more about the One Power. Women touch Saidar, the female half of the source, and it is described as surrendering to a calm, flowing river. Women embrace saidar. For men, their half of the source is named Saidin, a raging torrent that they must seize. There are many, many differences between the two, but it’s not worth going past what this short shows us, as the actual names haven’t been mentioned in the show yet.

I would like to point out that the very last exercise of becoming the bud was how Egwene was taught how to first touch the source and hold Saidar. Seeing these images here were great, even if we didn’t get the story in the show.

Now on to the big event! This episode is absolutely packed with world lore, so this is going to be quite a test for me to pick out all the little details. Not a word, action, or scene is fluff here. Everything means something, and for the things that I don’t understand but seem pointed, I’m sure it means something too.

The show opens with something we never got to see/read in the books. We open on Ghealdan right in the midst of Logain’s upraising! Men are running, trying to save their King, but Logain is right behind them. As the King runs on, the guards try to fend off the proclaimed Dragon Reborn, and we get to see a man channel! This is not something we got to see so early on in the books, so I was absolutely captivated.

Logain appears out of a cloud of dust, very menacing in his approach, and the weaves of the One Power can be seen as they form around him. The guards throw their spears, and Logain tightens his fists, infusing the white weaves of the power with black, and that is the only action he needs to block their attack. There are no massive arm movements or gestures from him to direct the One Power. Amazing diversity here.

The black weaves lash out as Logain stands in the middle, and we can presume the guards are, at the least, incapacitated, and at worst, dead. A pretty nifty transition follows where we have an aerial view over many men running across the battlements, and a brief moment where a building blocks our view, then we see just one man running. We land on the King, who is grasping at a viscous looking wound as he falls to his knees, out of room (and strength) to continue trying to flee.

Another cool transition follows as we have a closeup of the King’s face, and a slow pan to the left reveals Logain is standing behind him. The King tells him he will never wear the silver crown, but Logain assures him that is not what he’s after, or… needs. No, the Dragon Reborn isn’t interested in such trivial things.

However, as the King stands to challenge and threaten him, a disembodied female voice named Elusha tells Logain to be done with it. Although this voice is not named in the show, it is named in the subtitles and the credits. There is some dialogue between the two where Logain tells the King the Aes Sedai should be following him, and he wants to save the world instead of break it like the last Dragon. Despite what he says, Elusha continues to egg him on, and Logain actually responds to her, revealing his madness to the King.

In a desperate last attempt, the King strikes out at Logain, but is stopped as the weaves of black and white easily block the dagger. The weaves continue to wrap around the King, pulling him down to his knees, and he is forced to turn the dagger toward himself. As Logain holds him, the weaves behind him become figures, one of Elusha, and the other of a man who is not named in credits or subtitles. They both try to convince him that the King will betray him, just like his family.

But Logain does not listen, and as he releases the binding weaves, he heals the King’s wound. He then drops to his knees before the King to meet him eye to eye and offers him a place at his side. He gives the dagger back to the King, winning him over.

The last Dragon broke the world, but I plan to bind it.

Logain Ablar

The big thing that caught my attention during this scene was where Logain appeared to be ‘pulling’ the source from. In the opening scene, there are two weaves coming from above him that seem to be feeding him power. In the next, the weave that is feeding him is trailing behind him. I’m wondering if the weaves he is pulling from above signify Air, if anything at all. Although the visual weaves we get in the show are different from the books, they share similarities, so book knowledge doesn’t really tell me what’s going on here. Also, and although it is speculation, I am convinced that the black coating of his weave is a representation of the taint on Saidin.

After the intro, we see Nynaeve’s back as she walks up to reveal the full camp of the Aes Sedai. We see a shot of two Green sisters, one walking with one man, and the other walking with two. Lan is also milling about the camp as four Red sisters stare on with no man in sight. Nynaeve pointedly refuses to join the camp.

The camera shows us various scenes as people move about the camp, and we end in a tent with Kerene Sedai tending to the weakened Moiraine. The healing weave is clearly coming from her core, a distinct difference in what Logain weaved from the opening scene. Perhaps this is a visual of weaving Spirit? Anyway, the healing does cleanse the trolloc poison and close the wound, but it leaves a nasty scar. A rejuvenated Moiraine notices that Kerene has been strained by healing the wound, even though she has held back armies before, but Kerene corrects her to say he is the reason she is weary.

Moiraine wants to meet the false Dragon, and as they walk, Kerene explains how his uprising has attracted many believers, and only Liandrin, Alanna, and Kerene are strong enough to shield him in pairs. Liandrin explains they’ve plugged his ears with weaves of Air’ so he cannot hear them, and they captured him by shielding him as he slept. Lightning bolts assisted their escape as Logain’s army fled. Kerene has also set wards around the camp, so she’ll know if anyone approaches.

I do appreciate these little details. The ear plugs (specifically weaves of Air) and wards are used quite often in the books. It’s great to see both tricks in action here. Also, we get confirmation that there are varies levels of strength in wielding the One Power. This does not just mean that some channelers are more skilled than others, but that there are differences in raw power, as in how much of the One Power a channeler can pull and use. Moiraine then lets us know that she is as strong as, if not stronger, than the other three women as she takes Kerene’s place to let her rest.

Also in this scene, we learn that Liandrin is not happy with the situation and wants Logain gentled in the field instead of shielded. Kerene puts her foot down and says they are going to comply with the orders of the Amyrlin Seat and bring him to the tower for trial. I’ve stated before that not all sisters are the same, do not share the same background, and have different ideals, but it is nice to finally see the diversity on screen so early in the show. Readers did not get any of that until book two!

The whole shielding process as Moiraine and Liandrin switch places is very interesting. Moiraine’s movements and the way the weaves flow around her to form the shield in her hands that coincides with a webbing-like weave that lays over Logain and disappears as the shield snaps into place. Liandrin falls back, and we see the fragments of her shield dissipate as she lets it go. Moiraine flinches as she learns just how strong Logain is.

The next scene is of Lan and Kerene’s warder, Stepin, going through some training exercises. The show wastes no screen time as they share another conversation with a lot of information. Lan asks how things are back in the tower, and Stepin says there are fewer Aes Sedai to handle the problems. He also mentions that the Amyrlin Seat is not fond of Moiraine and overheard her threatened to fetch them home personally. This is a huge threat if the Amyrlin Seat is going to leave the White Tower to collar a renegade sister. I can’t wait to see where this is going to go in the show.

Stepin then notices Nynaeve, and after Lan comments that she’s barely even company, says that she’s probably stubborn as a mule. There we are again. At least once per episode, right? He doesn’t even know she’s from the Two Rivers, so I have no idea how he came to that conclusion.

Anyway, their training is interrupted as Kerene comes back to the main camp, and Stepin joins her in their tent. The two joke about how silent both Moiraine and Lan are, again letting us know that not all Aes Sedai are the same. Talk then turns to Liandrin and how she is trying to convince everyone in the camp to gentle Logain, adding in that there are rumors red sisters are doing just that across the countryside. Although Kerene seems to think that Liandrin would not cross the Amyrlin Seat, we know for a fact that she has gentled a man without a trial from the series opener. How well do you really know Liandrin, Kerene?

New scene, and hey! It’s Egwene and Perrin! I almost forgot about them with everything that’s going on in the Aes Sedai camp. They are still with the tinkers, although Perrin doesn’t trust them. Egwene reassures him that if he wants to go, they go. No questions. Aram then conveniently comes up to announce the group is traveling east to Tar Valon, and the two are welcome to join them. That’s just where they want to go!

Aram also pegs them correctly as being from the Mountains of Mist, but Egwene tries to tell him they’re from Whitebridge. I don’t think he’s buying it. Ila bangs on a pot and the travelers move out.

From one short scene to another, we get to Rand, Mat, and Thom, and it seems they’ve found some horses. Mat’s horse seems a bit skittish for some reason, which matches Rand’s mistrust of Thom. He thinks it’s possible he’s a darkfriend, although I don’t think Mat’s buying it. Mat does bring up Dana again and the fact that she saw five people in her dreams. They are confused as to who the fifth could be.

And we cut immediately back to Logain. I see what you did there, Rafe!

Moiraine and Alanna are still on shield duty, and Moiraine mentions that she always knew women couldn’t see men’s weaves (new info confirmation!), so we can assume that she’s never experienced a man who could channel. Alanna then tries to talk to Moiraine about the past and Moiraine’s puppy, but Moiraine says Novices aren’t allowed pets. More new info! When a woman becomes a Novice, that is her first step to becoming an Aes Sedai. They also follow some very strict rules in the White Tower.

Moiraine calls Alanna out on her questioning, knowing that Kerene put her up to it to try to get information. Alanna doesn’t even try to deny it as she mimics Kerene. Moiraine tells her she could have been Blue Ajah, but Alanna says that one Warder would never do. There we have it. The Battle Ajah are the only ajah that will bond multiple warders. The others only bond one, and reds not at all.

Talk then turns to the Last Battle, and Alanna mentions Logain’s strength again, false Dragon or no. She takes it as a sign that the end of the 3rd age is upon them. Alanna shares her fears that the Reds might gentle the true Dragon Reborn, and as Alanna and Moiraine share a look, Logain pulses with the One Power, attempting to break out of the shield. This is another cool scene as the women respond quickly with the same motions and weaves, setting the shield back on Logain before he can break free.

We then jump to Nynaeve eating some cold chicken as she is approached by Liandrin, who mispronounces her name. This scene caught me off guard and made me laugh out loud as Nynaeve’s name was one of the hardest for me to learn how to pronounce. Apparently, it’s a common issue with WoT fans, so I love they were able to squeeze this scene into the show.

It’s a short scene, but we see that Nynaeve is just as feisty as ever, and it doesn’t matter who she’s talking to. Her disdain for Aes Sedai is clear as she confronts Liandrin, although Liandrin seems impressed.

Next we have Thom finding the boys a place to sleep in a barn, but they have to be sneaky about it. Mat’s horse is still being skittish, and they’re caught by the Grinwell’s, who own the farm. Rand talks them out of the situation and they’ll earn a place to sleep if they do some work.

And we’re back to Nynaeve and Liandrin, who appears has been talking. She says ‘she’ (Moiraine) chose the Blue Ajah and calls them spies. Liandrin has a much better view of the Red Ajah, telling Nynaeve they protect the world from the ones who would misuse the power. Lan then approaches and Liandrin makes a hasty exit. Whatever Liandrin thought she could gain with Nynaeve, Nynaeve saw through it and tells Lan she’s a snake.

Nynaeve bickers with Lan a bit, but he then reminds her that he promised he would help her find her friends. He invites her to the Warder’s fire, as long as she promises not to shove him into it. I am absolutely eating up every scene and interaction between these two.

Back to Perrin and Egwene, who are still walking with the tinkers, and we get a history lesson on the Way of the Leaf. They forswear violence and all instruments of it. They run or endure if attacked, going so far as to let themselves be killed if needed. Ila askes Perrin if his life as been better or worse since he picked up his ax. Perrin has no reponse as he thinks on her words.

We get another wide, beautiful shot of the traveling people walking into the sunset, and the scene flips back to Rand and Mat mucking out the barn while Thom is relaxing. Mat then leaves to go take a break and vomits on the ground… and… Mat?

Yeah… You’ve got a little Mashadar on your chin there… That can’t be good.

Then WHAT?? It’s sucked back into his mouth, or skitters back in, I don’t know. All I know is GROSS.

As Mat’s swallowing down his Mashadar, he’s interrupted by the youngest daughter, Else, who is there to give them some bread. After a bit of cute conversation, Else gives Mat one of her dolls, Birgitte, who wants to see the world.

While this is going on, we get a very emotional scene between Rand and Thom. Rand thinks Mat might have caught something in Breen’s Spring, but Thom tells him the story of his nephew Owyn. It seems the two were close until one day Owyn went sour and started snapping at family and friends. He would jump at shadows and animals were frightened when they were near him. No one understood the change until Owyn threw a rock without using his hands.

Thom wasn’t able to save or help him when the Aes Sedai gentled him, and Owyn took his own life. Thom is convinced the same thing is happening to Mat, and he’s willing to stay with both of the boys to make sure those women don’t get to him.

Alexandre Willaume has such a presence on screen, and his portrayal of Thom is fantastic. It’s such a touching scene, and he delivers everything so perfectly. He doesn’t at all match Thom’s description from the books, or even age (I think Thom is like 70?), but he perfectly embodies who Thom is. Casting here was perfect.

Nothing is more dangerous than a man who knows the past.

Thom Merrilin

We get a glimpse of a caged Logain with Kerene and Moiraine shielding him and looking haggard before we jump to the Warder’s gathered around their fire. Nynaeve has joined them and laughs as they tell stories of al’Lan Mandragoran. Stepin then asks Nynaeve how she got stuck with him, and although Lan tries to answer for her, she cuts him off by saying she tracked him. The other Warder’s get a kick out of that. A few Aes Sedai walk past, and some of the Warder’s leave to go with them. Nynaeve then points out that they serve them, but all the Warders agree that they don’t. They are proud of the Aes Sedai (Servents of All) they are bonded to.

We see that some Aes Sedai also share other kinds of bonds with their Warders, which makes Nynaeve blush.

Lan leaves the fires with an ambiguous “I’m tired myself,” and… what’s that? Could Nynaeve be… Jealous? Stepin only chuckles in answer.

Lan joins Nynaeve in her tent, and he knows what she’s thinking. Could Logain really be the Dragon Reborn? He mentions that he’s ten years too old, and then asks if he’s as strong as Egwene. This is another new bit of information from the show that Aes Sedai can somehow sense the power of another woman that can channel. Moiraine was mostly likely able to judge Egwene’s strength during their channeling lesson in episode 2. Since Moiraine could only feel Logain’s power as he tried to break out of the shield, she doesn’t think he’s stronger than Egwene, but she can’t be sure. Lan tries to tell her the Dark One isn’t after Logain, but Moiraine doesn’t think the Dark One knows who the Dragon is either.

Moiraine then breaks down some as she laments they lost them. When Lan tries to correct her that he was the one that lost them, she takes his hand and says that his losses are hers. Lan then says he shouldn’t have had a drink. Moiraine always gets emotional when he drinks. This is another piece of what an Aes Sedai and her Warder share in the bond.

The two share a deep, caring glance, and then both turn to face forward.

Okay, so I am very unclear if they share a sexual relationship or not. Jordan’s writing on the subject, and anything to do with romance, was extremely dry. If the two were lovers at some point, it was never explicitly stated by Jordan. It’s heavily hinting at it in the show, or… maybe not? I think the two both turning to face forward instead of further engaging each other is telling. I don’t think they’re in a relationship simply because of that last action, but we’ll see in future episodes!

We have a happier scene as the tinkers are laughing and dancing, drawing in Egwene although Perrin refuses to engage. While Egwene is enjoying herself, he finds some work to do for the tinkers. Egwene asks Aram about the song, which he calls silly tradition. We then find out it’s just legend from the last age when their people supposedly knew a song that brought harmony to the world.

Okay, so the song is just tradition and myth, and yet the whole group still decided to scare the shit out of two lost travelers before properly introducing themselves? I guess I’m still irritated at that scene. Especially when I knew they were Tuatha’an and followed the Way of the Leaf.

Hey, we don’t believe in violence, but we’ll still intimidate you with our silent scowling if you don’t repeat some obscure words back at us!

Ugh. It just wasn’t fitting of who the Tuatha’an are.

Anyway, Egwene looks around at all the happy and carefree people that are surrounding them, and asks if he’s sure they haven’t found the song already? It does seem this small group of people are living their best lives.

As Perrin finishes fixing a wagon, Ila gives him more information about the Way of the Leaf. She also shares her own experiences with the loss of her daughter and refusal to pick up a broken spear in revenge. She follows the Way of the Leaf in hopes to rid all the violence from the world so that when the Wheel spins her daughter’s soul back into the world, she can live the life she should have lived. It’s touching, but is Perrin buying into it?

How about Egwene, who has definitely picked up Aram’s interest. He then tells Egwene about how everyone leaves the caravan when they turn 20 to explore the world, although most find their way back. He ends it with sometimes the leaf blows away from the tree. What are you saying, Aram?

At least Egwene and Perrin end in a safe place, and this is the last we see of them this episode. They uncovered a bit of new world lore for us and are making progress toward the White Tower. Nothing much else really happened for them, but that’s not always a bad thing. Let’s slide them right off to the back-burner while we move on to more interesting plot lines.

We get a quick, heartfelt scene of Rand telling Mat he’ll be there for him no matter what happens, but Mat doesn’t respond. Rand blows out the candle and is immediately into a dream, but dreams in this show aren’t full of happy-fun times. Perrin has a large hammer that he his using to bang on Laila’s body, and Mat wonders past aimlessly with blood-soaked hands. The only one that seems to respond to Rand is Egwene, who calls his name right before she is grabbed by Fire Mouth Guy again.

If the dream wasn’t bad enough, Rand is woken by Thom, and they soon discover Mat is missing. They run to the farmhouse to find Mat standing inside, surrounded by the dead bodies of the Grinwells.

No, Mat. No… ☹  Your Mashadar is leaking again.

Thom is immediately ready to flee with both boys, keeping true to his promise to protect them, but Mat points his dagger into the air and says in the creepiest way possible, “I see you.”

CHILLS! But also I have to take a moment to point out that his dagger is clean. There is no blood or gore on it. I was legit looking for any sign that Mat could have been the one that killed the Grinwells, and was so relieved his dagger was spotless.

But who does he see? Who was he talking to? THE FADE! You can’t outrun a fade!

The fade screams at us from the rafters, and Thom is attacking before the boys can react. The fade dodges a thrown dagger and slithers down to the floor, almost like it blinked through the shadows. Thom and the fade engage in an excellently choreographed scene, and Thom makes sure the boys escape the house while he fends off the eyeless.

As Rand and Mat are running, Mat trips over the body of the little Else. Mat’s stunned and Rand has to drag him away. They make it to their horses and ride off, leaving Birgette behind where Mat drops her.

The sequence of events here are a pretty big departure from the books, as Thom’s stand against the fade actually happens in Whitebridge. Rand and Mat then travel to the Four Kings where they met their Darkfriend before even getting to Breen’s Spring, which wasn’t even mentioned in the books. So, a lot of the same events in a different order in the show, but the story telling is very smooth and doesn’t suffer for the differences. What matters is we still get the scene with Thom and the fade with Thom staying behind so the boys could run. I am very satisfied with the changes and how the show story is playing out.

The rest of the episode focuses on the Aes Sedai camp, and we get an early morning scene of Nynaeve following Lan away from the camp, then Liandrin making her case to Kerene to gentle Logain. Kerene puts Liandrin in her place, adamant that Logain will have his fair trial. At the very end of this scene, we get a brief shot of Logain as unintelligible whispers surge along with the music.  

Nynaeve has caught up with Lan as he finishes a ritual of his people.

Seven times for the Seven Towers of Malkier. For the home we lost… The home we shall find again. In this life or the next.

al’Lan Mandragoran

Nynaeve then kneels to offer a prayer of her own in the old tongue, although she doesn’t know what it means. She only knows it as the last thing her parents said to her before they hid her in the cellar as her town was raided. Lan then tells her that it was the last thing the King of Manetheren said to his Queen before he went to fight in a battle he knew he would lose.

We shall go into the land so our children can always hold us and will never be alone.

al’Lan Mandragoran

Again, touching. Nynaeve then tells Lan that he’s not what she thought he was, when Lan counters with she is exactly who he thought she was. Before he can explain himself, shouts rise from the distance.

We immediately jump to Kerene and Liandrin as Kerene’s wards are triggered. The rest of the camp rallies for battle as a hail of arrows is fired to rain down on them. Lan steps in front of Nynaeve as we see Alanna in the middle of the group, already channeling. She freezes the arrows and they hang in midair as Alanna holds the weave.

Meanwhile, Liandrin is doubtful (and cocky) that any army could get past seven full sisters, but Logain makes his move. He surges and breaks through the shield, sending Kerene and Liandrin flying. Stepin feels it and lets the rest know they need to get to the cave.

As the King of Ghealdon leads a charge, TO THE DRAGON, Alanna sends the arrows back into the attackers, killing quite a few instantly. The Aes Sedai break for the cave with Nynaeve running alongside them while Logain’s army harrows them every step of the way.

But, Liandrin had a point. Not only are they going up against full Aes Sedai, but their Warders as well. We get to see a lot of the One Power being slung about as the Greens seem to prefer to use Earth. One man decides to rush Nynaeve, as she’s obviously out of place on a battlefield, but he gets more than he bargained for as she stabs him repeatedly, fending him off/killing him. When she’s attacked again, Lan steps in to save her.

As all this is going on, we are getting flashes of Logain melting the bars that caged him. What a display of power! While he’s freeing himself, we see a shadow approach in the cave entrance, and of course it’s Moiraine. She wants Logain to convince her he really is the Dragon Reborn.

Logain tells her he can hear all the Dragon’s the preceded him, teaching him to do better. Moiraine isn’t impressed and tells him that is just the madness. As she’s distracting him, a thin weave seeps into Kerene, I assume to heal and wake her. Moiraine continues to tell Logain that his power is nothing but a trickle, a pinprick of candlelight against the raging son compared to the true Dragon Reborn.  

Kerene then uses a weave to knock Logain back, and the three Aes Sedai are on their feet, attempting to put the shield back in place. Logain is able to get an attack through the shield, driving three spikes the weave toward each of the sisters, but Kerene saves the other two, sending out a weave of Air to block his attack. Unfortunately, she cannot save herself, and is pinned to the wall, and then falls to the ground.

We are back in the forest where the battle is still taking place and see Stepin feel Kerene die. He is stunned and staggers about while we see Nynaeve overwhelmed and unable to help in the situation. A Red sister takes multiple arrows to the chest as we sense the battle might be turning. However, before the attackers can gain the upper-hand, we see a Green healing the Red while the Warders keep up the defense. Alanna shows she is an absolute badass as she sends gigantic spouts of earth into the attackers, killing the King of Ghealdon in the process.

While the group is rushing into the cave, Liandrin and Moiraine are still struggling with Logain. Moiraine warns Liandrin that she’s pulling too much and will burn herself out. Another thing that a woman who can channel can feel in another woman. Liandrin doesn’t care, prepared to sacrifice him abilities to avenge her sister and gentle Logain.

Stepin rushes in, sees Kerene’s dead body, and immediately attacks Logain in his rage. The shield is not in place yet, and beneath it, Logain still holds Saidin, catching Stepin’s axes before they connect. As Saidin seeps along the edges of the axes, turning the metal black, a cracking sound is heard within the cave. Logain then surges with power, breaking the axes through the shield and sending deadly shrapnel flying through the room.

Nearly everyone but Nynaeve is cut down, including Lan, who has been sliced across the throat. Nynaeve rushes to him, finally at her breaking point of being useless, and as she screams NO in utter defiance of what is happening, she embraces Saidar, and the whole cave is filled with the light radiating from her body as she channels the One Power, healing Lan and everyone else in the process.

Like a raging son.


I WEPT. Hell, I’m crying again now. Did this scene happen in the books? Kinda, but not like this, and not nearly this early. It is actually one of the most memorable scenes in the book for me, but I wasn’t expecting it for a long time. To see it here, now, so early on and so unexpected, it got me. It got me good. On my feet and completely breathless good.


Now that Nynaeve has finished her AOE healing, Liandrin wastes no time in having the other Aes Sedai link with her, which is to give her their power. When linked, channelers are unable to control their own weaves any longer, and they surrender all of their power to Liandrin and give her full control. Again, I was impressed by the weaves and choreography of the women in this scene.

Let the hand of the tower fall on you, Logain Ablar, and take back that which nature itself does not wish you to hold.

Liandrin Guirale

In another beautiful and tragic display of the One Power, Logain is Gentled. Stepin cries over Kerene’s body, and Lan rubs his throat, feeling not even a hint of a scar where he was cut. Moiraine stares at Nynaeve who is still gasping for breath.

Best. Episode. Yet.

Sanderson himself said at Jordancon that episode 6 is his favorite. I can’t even imagine what’s in store for us, even as a book reader. The changes made to the show has kept me entertained and glued to the screen without being sure what is going to happen next. Spectacular! Bring on episode 5! I’m ready!

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