Frequency now on Audible!

I am very excited to let everyone know that Frequency is now available on Audible! This wraps up The Walk trilogy, which is both sad and wonderful at the same time. It’s just so hard to move on from all the characters that I worked with for so long, but also amazing that I’m able to bring this story to everyone.

And as exciting as it is to introduce a brand new audio book, I’m not out of news yet today. The first three chapters of Westgate are available on Kindle Vella. Or… I guess the prologue and the first 2 chapters? I’m still very new to this publishing platform, but I think I’ve worked out most of the kinks and finally have my schedule down. I can affirm that you can fully expect another chapter next Tuesday. I am, however, still working on the cover art, and a little ashamed to admit that I did not put a lot into it. I’m not sure how far down on my “list of things to do” to fix the cover is, but at least it’s on the list.

So far we have Frequency and Westgate news, but I’m still not done. What I’m about to tease next might be the most exciting thing for me today. Now that I’m familiar with Kindle Vella, I’ve made the decision to finally bring my Angels saga to the platform. This is a work that has never been published before, so start getting excited for a brand new world! I’ll have more details on this in the upcoming weeks.

Until next week, Happy Reading!

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