New Cover!

So, after I was beat up mercilessly by Uncle Sam yesterday, I totally forgot about my cover reveal. Sorry guys! That was going to be my noteworthy news for this week and I blew it. Well, a day late, here it is!



Okay, sorry guys. I think my favorite part about this gif is that it doesn’t even pause long enough before it loops. I am still tax-hungover, so I’m not going to bother to fix it. Hopefully, whatever browser you’re viewing this on, it at least gives you a little pause. But, no worries! Here’s the actual new cover design.

So, for real this time, tada!

I like this design much better as it show cases Edie a little more, plus the ‘spider’ is easier to see. In the print edition, because of the color range of the printers I used didn’t capture the dark grey of the background, the sol wasn’t visible at all.

I have finished the cover redesign for Fuse, which is a lovely purple, but I’m struggling with what color theme Frequency should be. I really like the yellow highlights on the cover here, so I’m on the search to find another color that it pairs well with. Hopefully inspiration will strike soon.

I once again apologize for the delay in this much anticipated cover reveal, as well as the short post yesterday. Until next week, Happy Reading!

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