Debra Rose

The Phoenix Curse

When the red mist came, it left few unchanged, most for the worst.

The Walk

Buzz . . .

It’s the buzzing in my head that disturbs me the most. It comes as a warning, right before they do.

​The little black spiders that are eating our world.

Katlynn Rose


The Dove in the Darkness

Lea has made some poor decisions in her life. It makes no difference what pushed her into her choices, but now she has to find a way to survive in this new, hostile world she’s stumbled into. Tempted by the danger, she decides to push forward beyond the point of no return… until she is stopped by an unexpected, nearly forgotten past.

But… there are so many hands grasping for her, trying to stop her. Can she manage to escape them all and complete this one last job to win her freedom?