Wheel of Time – Episode 6 – The Flame of Tar Valon

Amazon has delivered another Wheel of Time episode packed with world building and an introduction to new lore. There was so much that happened this episode, but before we jump into it, let's take a lot at the bonus content. Amazon fixed them! They are no longer hidden in the X-ray section but are on …

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Wheel of Time – Episode 1 – Leavetaking

It's here! It's here! It's finally here! I am so super excited to see this show on screen after having loved the books for so long. Not only is the show beautiful, but it's an amazing experience. I watched all three episodes as soon as they released, and I am simply over-joyed. Now, really quick …

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To Shoulder a Burden

For the past month, I've been struggling to find what posting schedule would be best for the blog. Twice a month? Once a month? I'm leaning toward once a month since I can't really give any more comments on the writing process except "still editing!"

Bad Memories

This is the post I don't want to write. If I think about it, it seems like a dream, something surreal, like I'm an outsider looking in at the events of my life, but if I look at the pictures, everything comes back full force.