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Dawn wouldn’t say she was content with her normal life, but she was complacent. Secure. Safe. All it took was one beautiful stranger to walk into the diner, and after that, everything she thought she knew crumbled as her world turned upside down. Join Dawn as she uncovers a family mystery and discovers new things about herself she never thought possible. Read book one of Angels: In the Company Of…

Join Ali and Joss as they struggle to navigate the dangers of a world ravaged by medically created Ragers. After finding a stronghold in Dreamland with the knowledge and power to fight back against the mindless horde, the two find themselves in a precarious position as threat after threat manifests from within the recovered military base. How can they survive in a world where everyone is turning against them?

Milla longs to be free, to break away from the traditions and cultures of her pack. Ana, her dearest and life-long friend must help her succeed. Even if that means once again daring the dangers that haunt her in the mountain forest. Ana would brave anything to help Milla fight off the Temptation of the Blood Moon. But is either woman strong enough to do so?

Writing Roses presents it’s first Young Adult sci-fi saga!

A survivor from a shattered world struggles to find her place in a new land larger than she ever could have imagined. Her existence in this new world is enough to put a target on her back. Technology couldn’t save her then. What will save her now?