The Phoenix Curse

The Phoenix Curse is currently getting a full rework and will start releasing in early 2021 with a new, elegant design.

The story that you have grown to love will remain the same.

If you are new to the site and would like to start your journey early, you can visit D.R. Johnson’s Amazon author page for the current set of released books.

Once work has finished, the books will be rebranded and distributed under author Debra Rose.


The rebranding has started! If you’re new to the series, feel free to continue on with the old covers under D.R. Johnson. They are the same book and story! I am rolling out the updated manuscripts and covers as I can. With the eBooks, I am able to update the original Amazon listing, but for B&N, iTunes, ect, as well as the paperbacks, these will have a new ISBN that requires a new sales page. They will all be linked in the end, so no worries!

Even getting the first eBook prepped and out has been hard work, but I’m very excited to finally get this underway!