The Walk

It’s time to join The Walk.


Book One

We became so dependent on it, so taken by it, that it became ingrained in us like the oxygen we breathe. Technology.

The basis of our jobs, our entertainment, our communication, our entire way of life…


It’s the buzzing in my head that disturbs me the most. It comes as a warning right before they do.

The little black spiders that are eating our world.


Book Two

Day by day, our community shrinks as people leave for the outpost, and I look over my family with worry.

Hope is dwindling, along with our supplies.

We turn our eyes to the North and wonder if this is the day we abandon the remnant of the old lives we tried so hard to hang on to.

We wonder if this is the day we join the Walk.


Book Three

There was nothing left to do but walk. Walk miles down the highway, town after town, from one state to the other.

After the leaps and bounds mankind achieved, this is what we are reduced to.


Go North, they say. There’s hope in the North, where the spiders haven’t found us…


Debra Rose is the author of THE PHOENIX CURSE series, a bestseller in Amazon’s post-apocalyptic and dystopian science fiction genre. Although she previously published under the penname D.R. Johnson, THE WALK is the first series she has written after adopting her full name in publication.

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