Welcome to the Roses

Welcome to the Roses

You’ve reached a place to suspend your disbelief and indulge in your supernatural fantasies and horrors. The team at Writing Roses hope to give you hours of entertainment within their stories, so please, pick out a book, cozy up in your favorite reading chair, and enjoy.

And as always, Happy Reading!

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An Irregular Spring

I’ve watched a lot of shows this past year. The latest one I just finished was The Irregulars on Netflix. I’ll admit that I am far too drawn to supernatural shows, and as a Holmes fan, this show checked all my boxes.


This past month has been an interesting journey. As most of you know, I live in Texas, and we suffered a record-breaking freeze in February.

Phase Four

Yesterday, I finished my 3rd edit of the final book of The Walk, and I’ve now moved on to the structural edit.

Our Roses

Our Roses are all different, with diverse lives, styles, and backgrounds, but what is consistent is that all of them are creative and devoted to their craft.

Writing Roses

Founded in 2019 by Debra Rose, Writing Roses is a collaborative writing company based in Texas.

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