Meet the Roses

Debra Rose is an author of supernatural and science fiction novels. Her books have graced the top of Amazon’s bestseller lists and continue to captivate fans of the genre. Passionate about her craft, Debra continues to write enthralling stories that focus on character development during apocalyptic situations.

Katlynn Rose enjoys her private life and keeps herself shrouded in mystery. She thrives on romance and travels whenever possible, enjoying every moment she can get away. She often uses these settings as her fictional backdrop in her romantic tales. As soon as she’s able to escape the bonds of her everyday life, she plans on making writing her full-time job.

Sierra Rose is an aspiring author of horror novels and short stories, though she may stray into the fantasy realm on occasion. She is currently attending courses for a Masters in Psychology at Southern New Hampshire University while spending most of her time in Texas. Sierra enjoys reading and watching various media from the horror genre and has returned to writing in the hopes of giving back to these communities.