Deleted Scenes

And, as promised, here are the deleted scenes for the very beginning of part two. Remember, the story line is still accurate but, in the published book, this scene will be through Joss’s eyes, not Ali’s.

This past week went really well. I finished up the Amarillo chapters and was sad once I wrote those final words. They are now in the done pile and I have moved on to rework the other chapters of part two. It’s going well! 
I’m still expecting to hit the October deadline but I don’t have an exact date worked out just yet. Hopefully there will be no more setbacks between then and now but I really don’t foresee anything like that happening. I hope I don’t jinx myself by saying this but it looks like smooth sailing from here! It’s on to Boulder City.
Well, I will leave you with that since I know you guys have a little extra reading to do today. 😉
Happy reading! And to my indies, happy writing!
Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend and I will be here next Tuesday with a new and exciting post!

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